5 Years From Now I See Myself (Essay Sample)

5 years from now I see myself

The life passes very quickly – one day changes another, and the events that seem to happen lately, actually have been passed already since five years ago. And everything we can do is just to keep the most impressive moments in memory and remind them from time to time. Our past time will stay forever untouchable. It is our experience and our wisdom. It would be more useful not to cycle in what is gone but to think about the future – unknown and captivating. We do not say in advance how we will be in the old age but to guess what is waiting for us in 5 years is more or less possible.

Thinking about the future, the primary thing that comes to the mind of youth is the education and professional career. And there is no wonder, such we are open to everything new, full of ambition, dreams, and confidence that everything in our life will go like we want. In such an age we full of hopes and energy to move mountains on the way to our personal and professional goals. It is an excellent time to devote the life to self-development and study, to give the most efforts to the getting of a diploma and gaining first working experience. And if you ask me where do I see myself in 5 years, for sure, I would answer that in the college.

The life is many-sided and to build it in the harmony I understand that we have to increase ourselves also in other important spheres. The next thing that makes me happy is traveling. I think that visiting different countries can give us feeling of life fullness. When we see different life conditions, unusual customs and traditions, hear foreign languages and observe the people that do not look like us, we become more open-minded, tolerant and diversified. One semester abroad is a good perspective to implement this idea without sacrificing the study. That is why speaking about the future, five years from now I see myself traveling.

Two previous aspects of life would not be valuable without friends. The adventures become true only if you share them with somebody else. During studying in college and traveling, we have a great possibility to meet a lot of new people and make friends all around the world. Tell me who are your friends, and I will tell you who you are. Our surroundings impact us too much, and college is a perfect place to find a like-minded person and even not just one. Students friendship sometimes is going through all the life and is the most sincere. That is why in 5 years I would see myself in a company with many new interesting people with whom I can share my feelings, plans, and memories.

Concluding I can assume that most of the young people strain after the same things – to get a good education and build a great career, be engaged in self-development, travel and see the new places, be popular and have a lot of friends. We all draw in our imagination pictures where we are successful, beautiful and happy. After we got such a bright vision of our future, we want everything to be exactly like this but visualizing is not enough. All our goals are possible to reach, but the only thing we should remember is that our future depends on our present actions. It is good to dream but it is much better to act.


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