_____ Is A Carcinogen That Promotes Colon Cancer.

AP Biology Mitosis/Meiosis

Nucleoli are present during _____.interphase
Cytokinesis often, but not always, accompanies _____.telophase
Chromosomes become visible during _____.prophase
Centromeres divide and sister chromatids become full-fledged chromosomes during _____.anaphase
Spindle fibers attach to kinetochores during _____.prometaphase
During prophase a homologous pair of chromosomes consists of _____.two chromosomes and four chromatids
During _____ both the contents of the nucleus and the cytoplasm are divided.the mitotic phase
During _____ the cell grows and replicates both its organelles and its chromosomes.interphase
DNA replication produces two identical DNA molecules, called _________________, which separate during mitosis.sister chromatid(s)
After chromosomes condense, the ______________ is the region where the identical DNA molecules are most tightly attached to each other.centromere(s)
During mitosis, microtubules attach to chromosomes at the _______________.kinetochore(s)
In dividing cells, most of the cell’s growth occurs during _____________.interphase
The _________________ is a cell structure consisting of microtubules, which forms during early mitosis and plays a role in cell division.mitotic spindle(s)
During interphase, most of the nucleus is filled with a complex of DNA and protein in a dispersed form called _______________.chromatin
In most eukaryotes, division of the nucleus is followed by ______________, when the rest of the cell divides.cytokinesis
The __________________ are the organizing centers for microtubules involved in separating chromosomes during mitosis.centrosome(s)
prophase (mitosis)-cohesions join sister chromatids of duplicated chromosome
-tublins assemble into spindle microtubules
prometaphase (mitosis)microtubules attach to kinetochores
metaphase (mitosis)kinetochores are motionless in relation to poles of cell
anaphase (mitosis)-kinetochores move toward poles of cell
-cohesions break down
telophase (mitosis)spindle microtubules disassemble
_____ is a carcinogen that promotes colon cancer.fat
asexual reproductionA single individual is reproducing.
Human gametes are produced by _____.
Normal human gametes carry _____ chromosomes.23
A diploid organism whose somatic (nonsex) cells each contain 32 chromosomes produces gametes containing _____ chromosomes.16
At the end of _____ and cytokinesis, haploid cells contain chromosomes that each consist of two sister chromatids.
Synapsis occurs during _____.prophase I
Homologous chromosomes migrate to opposite poles during _____.anaphase I
During _____ chromosomes align single file along the equator of a haploid cell.metaphase II
At the end of _____ and cytokinesis there are four haploid cells.telophase II
During _____ a spindle forms in a haploid cell.
If crossing over did not occur….There would be less genetic variation among gametes.
During what stage of mitosis do chromosomes become condensed?prophase
During what stage do centrioles start to move apart in animal cells?prophase
When does a cell make the commitment for another cell cycle?at the transition between G1 and S
A cell in G2 has 0.8 picograms (pg) of DNA. How much DNA did that cell have in G1?0.4 pg
Describe CDKpresent throughout the cell cycle and is an enzyme that attaches phosphate groups to other proteins
During mitotic anaphase, where do chromosomes migrate?from equatorial plate toward the poles
If a cell undergoes mitosis without cytokinesis, it’d result in…cells with more than one nucleus
MPFtriggers the cell’s passage past the G2 checkpoint into mitosis
Plant cells typically have ____________, but animal cells don’t.cell walls
Describe “cleavage furrow”a groove in the plasma membrane between daughter nuclei
Complete cell cycle consists of:interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis