__________ Muscle Tissue Lack(S) Microscopic Striations.

Chapter 4: The Tissue Level of Organization

Which instrument is essential in the study of histology?microscope
The tissue that always has an apical surface isepithelial tissue
What are the four recognized tissue types?neural, connective, muscles, epithelial
what is histology?the study of tissues
which adhesion is required for cell-to-cell communications?gap junctions
the tissue that always has a “top” and a “bottom”epithelial
the characteristics of epithelia includeattachment, avascularity, polarity, regeneration
the functions of epithelia includeproducing specialized secretions, controlling permeability, providing physical protection, absorption
epithelial cells that are adapted for absorption or secretion usually have what at their free surface?microvilli
a type of intercellular junction that stops materials from crossing an epithelium between cells is termed a(n)occluding junction
dead skin cells are shed in thin sheets because they are held together by “spots” of proteoglycan reinforced by intermediate filaments. such strong intercellular connections are called whatdesmosomes
epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue bya basal lamina
germinative cellsdivide continually to produce new epithelial cells
Examination of a tissue sample reveals groups of cells united by junctional complexes and interlocking membranes. The cells have on free surface and lack blood vessels. The tissue is most likely what tissue?epithelial
Which epithelia is responsible for protection, secretion and absorption?stratified cuboidal
which type of secretion involves the loss of apical cytoplasmapocrine
which type of compound gland is found in salivary glandscompound tubuloalveolar
the most common cell type in dense regular connective tissue is thefibroblast
cells that are flat and thin are classified assquamous
glands that secrete their product by the bursting of cells areholocrine glands
glands that secrete hormones into the interstitial fluid areendocrine glands
secretions through a duct might provide _______ whereas ductless secretions act as __________.enzymes; hormones
watery perspiration is an example of a(n) ________ secretion?merocrine
unicellular exocrine glands secretemucus
gland cells producesecretions
which cell is present in many connective tissues that can differentiate into different types of cells?mesenchymal
which white blood cell is important in removing foreign bacteriamonocyte
which cell produces the protein fibers in areolar connective tissuefibroblast
blood is which type of tissueconnective
the sticky material between cells of areolar connective tissue is called theground substance
the dominant fiber type in dense connective tissue iscollagen
the three categories of connective tissues areconnective tissue proper, fluid connective tissues, and supporting connective tissues
two classes of macrophages includefixed macrophages and free macrophages
tissues that provide strength and support for areas subjected to stresses from many directions aredense irregular connective tissues
wharton’s jelly is a form ofmucous connective tissue
the three types of protein fibers in connective tissue arecollagen, reticular, and elastic
cells that engulf bacteria or cell debris within loose connective tissue aremacrophage
cells that respond to injury by dividing to assist in connective tissue repair aremesenchymal stem cells
in areolar connective tissue, what cells release histaminemast
the tissue that covers cartilage is theperichondrium
bone is also calledosseous tissue
the most common type of cartilage is what cartilagehyaline
a tissue with a gel matrix and cells inside lacunae iscartilage
cartilage is separated from surrounding tissues by a fibrousperichondrium
unlike cartilage, boneis highly vascular
antiangiogenesis factor is a chemical produced by what that blocks the growth of blood vesselschondrocytes
a herniated disc is an injury of the pads of cartilage between the vertebrae in which the cartilage bulges from normal position. what type of cartilage is affectedfibrous cartilage
the serous membrane lining the thoracic cavity is thepleura
the joint capsules are lined by what membrane typesynovial
the framework of connective tissue between the skin and underlying muscles is called thesuperficial fascia
what muscle tissue lack(s) microscopic striationssmooth
myosatellite cells are found within what muscleskeletal
intercalated discs and pacemaker cells are characteristic ofcardiac muscle tissue
which structure receives information typically from other neuronsdendrite
tissue that is specialized for the conduction of electrical impulses is what tissueneural
what support, protect, and nourish nerve cellsneuroglia
mast cells in the process of stimulating an inflammatory response secrete whatheparin, histamine, prostaglandins
what assist in tissue repair by dividingmesenchymal stem cells
secretions from what control the process of inflammationmast cells
the body’s first response to injury isinflammation
the wall of the alveolus (air sac) in the lung is composed of which type of epitheliumsimple squamous epithelium
the proximal tubule of the nephron (kidney tubule) in the kidney is composed of which type of epithelium?simple cuboidal epithelium
the epithelium of the esophagus is composed of which type of epithelial tissuestratified squamous epithelium
which part of the neuron (a specialized nerve cell) receives signals from other cells and is also the main metabolic region of the neuronsoma
which of the three muscle cell types has multiple nucleiskeletal
which muscle cell type has visible striations but is not under voluntary controlsmooth