A Nurse Is Reviewing Information Related To Balancing Autonomy

ATI – Professional Behaviors in Nursing Test

A nurse is compiling an orientation handout related to…Basic care needs of clients
A nurse manager is developing an evaluation form for employees…Follows standards and protocols
Which of the following situations is an example of horizontal violence?A nurse blames a peer
A nurse is reviewing information related to balancing autonomy with boundaries.Guided by state nurse practice acts
Which of the following actions demonstrates the professional concept of assertiveness?Boldly sharing conflicting ideas
Which of the following can threaten professional integrity?Anxiety
Fast-paced environment
Substance abuse
Which of the following relates to the concept of caring…promoting role excellence
The inclusion of autonomy in the provision…Decision making
A nurse is acting as preceptor…Individual choice
A nurse educator is describing positive peer-to-peerHelps overall care delivery