A Trephine Would Be Used To Remove

Additonal Med Term

Homeo/path/ic literally means:like or same/as disease/refers
A trephine would be used to remove ___.bone
About how many men will develop breast cancer?1 in 1,000
“I swear by Apollo the Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia…” is the beginning of what famous oath?Hippocratic Oath
Which of these was the first 3D-printed drug approved by the FDA?Spritam
Which of these conditions would be treated with Phakic IOLs?Myopia
“Fluoroscopy” is used to recordmoving body parts
A “_____” produces a radio frequency radiation pulse image of soft and hard tissue in multiple planes.Magnetic Resonance Imaging
The Lamaze method of childbirth uses:all of the above (focal points of concentration, breathing techniques, muscle control and relaxation)
-GRAPHrecording instrument
-IDIOunique to or unknown cause
opexyto fixate, attach, sew
phorofeeling (mental)
physiofunction of
poiesisto make
rickettsiabacteria discovered by howard ricketts/ refers to
silicosilicon carbon particles
Which of the following is not considered to be a sexually-transmitted infection?Aspergillosis
who was syphilis?a fictional shepherd boy
What is used to examine the cervix and vaginal walls?speculum
If a baby was born with Gon/orrhea, it is:congential
Parturition in which the feet, arms, or buttock emerge first is calledbreech birth
Signs of AIDS include:Weight loss, oral lesions and lymphadenopathy
How many hormones does the pituitary gland secrete in men?6
ulcers are commonly seen in people withdiabetes