Acronyms And Emoticons, Such As Lol, ;-), And Lmao, Demonstrate That

Chapter 3: Culture and Media

culture can be said to be anything except:nature
during the 1800s, culture was defined by matthew arnold as an ideal, something that is opposed to the real world in which we live. sociologists today define culture as:the sum total of beliefs, behaviors, and practices that humans create to adapt to the environment around them
one of the two main categories of culture that includes values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors is known as:nonmaterial culture
acronyms and emoticons such as LOL, ;-), and LMAO demonstrate that:technology itself can generate ideas and concepts
the study of culture tells us that:there are many ways to view the same symbol
according to ______, the language we speak directly influences and reflects the way we think about and see the world.the Sapir-Whor hypothesis
galileo’s discovery that the earth revolved around the sun rather than standing at the center of the universe is an example of:a shifting ideology
ideologies are:often brought into question when certain aspects of that ideology are challenged
margaret mead wrote coming of age in samoa (1928), where she found that women in samoa engaged in and enjoyed casual sex before they were married. this finding challenged america’s:cultural scripts
while they are difficult to define, ______ are smaller subgroups within a larger dominant society united by sets of concepts, values, symbols, and shared meaning specific to the members of that groupsubcultures
if you are a member of subculture, like the goth subculture, you can be sure that the meaning of certain words and the behavior of the members:can be different within the group
stanley liberson’s research on first names in the united states found that:it is more common for names to cross from men to women over time than vice versa
class mobility and equal opportunity have their roots in:the U.S. idea of the American Dream
the experience of internalizing a culture’s norms, values, and the like, is known as:socialization
reflection theory is limited because it:fails to take into account why some cultural products have staying power and others fall by the wayside
when your friend returns from a study abroad, he reports back to you on the very different foods that people in his country ate. he explain to them it’s normal, that people in different cultures do things differently, and that he learned to make value judgements. this is known as:cultural relativism
gendered behaviors, such as wearing dresses and high heels, are examples of learned behaviors that are not natural or universal, and are known as:cultural scripts
if a person judges another group by his or her own standards, he or she is being:ethnocentric
until europeans came into contact with non-westerners, they tended to see their culture as:the only way to live
the first form of mass media was the:book
according to data presented in chapter 3, by 1964, what percentage of U.S. households had a television set?92%
gramsci’s concept for the historical process in which a dominant group exercises moral and intellectual leadership by voluntarily receiving the approval and consent of the masses is known as:hegemony
similar to sociologists’ research herbert gans(1979) studied television news outlets’ decision on what to include (or not to include) in the news. what did he find>all news outlets are biased
______ played a larger role in fueling the civil rights and antiwar movementstelevision
according to herbert fans, what determines the content of news stories?powerful corporate boards
deliberate, long-term media campaigns such as smokey the bear, which began in 1944 and is still with us today, are examples of ads used by nonprofit organizations to educate the public. they are commonly known as:public service announcements
you see an advertisement on television for a new burger at mcdonald’s. the next day yo are riding by mcdonald’s and decide to drive and give it a try. this would be called a:short-term deliberate media effect
we all fear school shooting and terrorist attacks. this is due to:the exaggerated frequency of the reports of these rarely occurring events
what is jean kilbourne’s critique of an advertisement that shows a pair of women’s legs with brand new, expensive shoes on them popping out of a trash can?it promotes, even implicitly, violence against women
jean kilbourne’s college lectures and film, killing us softly, examine which of the following issues?sexism in the media
which of the following is part of the “three-general principles” of the movie industry’s production code?no picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it. hence, the sympathy of the audience should never be wrong to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin.
according to data presented in chapter 3, the ratio of kisses between gay men to kisses between lesbian women displayed on television is about:1 to 5.
in the united states, six major companies, including disney and time warner, own what percentage of the media?slightly more than 90%
media centralization refers too:the fact that fewer and fewer groups own more and more of the media
most broadcasting companies are privately owned in the united states and are supported financially by advertising. this means they are likely to reflect the biases of their owners and backers. knowing that the press is not dress, as it is in the united kingdom, suggests that there is a:political economy of the media
the belief that happiness and fulfillment can be achieved through the acquisition of material possessions is known as:consumerism
which of the following has been found to be disproportionately more common in lower-income schools and advertises in u.s. high schools in exchange for providing televisions, video equipment, and satellite dishes?channel one
according to research, because low-income parents cannot give their children every toy and gadget they want, they engage in:symbolic indulgence
the act of turning media against itself, such as the actions of Rockin’ Rollen and Adbusters is called:culture jamming
due to growing anti-americanism in the middle east, new diplomatic efforts have included all of the following except:buying expensive television ads featuring angelina jolie and brad pitt
president obama’s vow to close the guantanamo bay detention center would be considered ______ by joseph nyesoft power
the longer american military power stay in muslim countries, anti-Americanism will probably:increase