All Of The Following Are Reasons Mormons Generated Hostility From Non-Mormons Except

Chapter 12: Religion, Romanticism, and Reform

Deists:included Founding Fathers such as Jefferson and Franklin
Unitarianism stressed:reason and conscience
Universalists believed that:everyone could be saved
Why were working-class people attracted to Universalism?It stressed the possibility of salvation of all people
One significant factor that inspired the Second Great Awakening was:rising fears of secularism among many well-educated Americans
Which Protestant denomination stressed the equality of all before God and had no authority higher that the congregation?Baptist
A minister on horseback who traveled the frontier to preach was called a(n):circuit rider
African Americans found the Methodist and Baptist churches especially attractive because of their:belief in salvation for all
Which of the following was associated with the Second Great Awakening?the popularity of camp meetings
Why might women be drawn to camp meetings?They provided women with opportunities to participate as equals in public rituals
The burned-over district was:western New York
Which of the following is NOT true of Charles Finney?He was an active Universalist preacher
Joseph Smith:founded the mormon church in western New York
All of the following are reasons Mormons generated hostility from non-Mormons EXCEPT:they denied they were christians
Brigham Young:led the Mormons to Utah
The rise of Romanticism indicated:recognition of the limits of science and reason
Which statement best describes the Transcendental Club, which had it’s first meeting in the 1830s?a loosely knit group of diverse, intellectually curious individualists who met to discuss philosophy, religion, and literature
Who was considered the leader of transcendentalism?Ralph Waldo Emerson
Horace Mann advocated for a public school system for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
Why did the working poor often favor expanding the number of public schools?Workers wanted free schools to give their children an equal chance to pursue the American dream
The Southern state that by 1860 had done the most to advance public education was:North Carolina
For all their differences, the variety of reform movements that arose in the united states during the first half of the nineteenth century had what in common?an impulse to perfect people and society
The American Temperance Union lost many moderate members in 1836 when it:called for abstinence for all alcoholic beverages
Regarding the penitentiary established in 1816 at Auburn, New York, all of the following statements are true EXCEPT:it was an institution that primarily emphasized punishment
Prison reformers of the early 1800s saw a major objective of the penitentiary as:rehabilitation
Dorothea Lynde Dix directed her reform efforts at:insane asylums
The woman who wrote the profoundly influential A Treatise on Domestic Economy was:Catharine Beecher
The “cult of domesticity” was the idea that:a woman’s place is in the home
The Seneca Falls Convention:demanded equal rights for women
Members of the Shaker community:practiced celibacy and owned everything in common
Mother Ann Lee was:the founder of the Shakers
Why was John Humphrey Noyes, founder of the Oneida Community, arrested and ultimately forced to flee New York?He advocated for complete sexual freedom
All of the following are true of Brook Farm EXCEPT:it was long lasting
Most of the utopian communities of the early nineteenth century:quickly became failures
All of the following statements about the American Colonization Society are true EXCEPT:free black leaders supported it
Why did the American Colonization Society acquire the land in West Africa that eventually became the country of Liberia?The society saw it as a place to transport free blacks and fretted slaves
William Lloyd Garrison:demanded immediate emancipation of slaves
Why did the American Anti- slavery Society split into competing factions?some prominent members demanded the pursuit of societal reforms beyond abolition, including women’s rights
Frederick Douglass:wrote a famous account of his life as a slave
The Liberty party advocated:abolitionism
All of the following are true about Sojourner Truth, EXCEPT that she:killed her master to escape from slavery
The killing of Elijah Lovejoy showed:that support of slavery extended into the North
Southerners used all of the following to justify slavery EXCEPT:Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence
By the 1830s, John C. Calhoun was arguing that:slavery was a “greater good”