All Of The Following Were Major Baroque Composers Except


LibrettoThe text, or book, of a musical dramatic work is called the
Castratiwere male singers who had been castrated before puberty.
combined the lung power of a man with the vocal range of a woman.
received the highest fees of any musicians.
Pierluigi da Palestrina.All of the following were major baroque composers except
CantataA sung piece, or choral work with or without vocal soloists, usually with orchestral accompaniment, is the
SuitesSets of dance-inspired instrumental movements are called
it gives a solo role to the harpsichord.Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 is unusual in that
SubjectThe main theme of a fugue is called the
AriaA song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment is called a/an
TrillA musical ornament consisting of the rapid alternation of two tones that are a whole or half step apart is a
OrganistBach was recognized as the most eminent ____________ of his day.
450Vivaldi wrote approximately ____________ concerti grossi and solo concertos.
Basso ContinuoMonteverdi’s vocal music ordinarily was supported by a ____________ and other instruments.
OratorioA large-scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra, usually set to a narrative biblical text, is called a(n) (Handels Messiah)
Late BaroqueInstrumental music became as important as vocal music for the first time in the ____________ period.
Johann Sebastian BachSome of Vivaldi’s instrumental concertos were arranged by
ConductorThe ____________ is the person who beats time, indicates expression, cues in musicians, and controls the balance among instruments and voices.
RitornelloThe first and last movements of the concerto grosso are often in ____________ form.
TuttiThe large group of players in a concerto grosso is known as the
OratorioHandel’s Messiah is an example of
ViolinistVivaldi was famous and influential as a virtuoso
Theorboplucked string instrument capable of producing chords as well as a bass line.
Johann Sebastian BachThe two giants of baroque composition were George Frideric Handel and
Henry PurcellDido and Aeneas, which many consider to be the finest opera ever written to an English text, was composed by
OperasIn their use of aria, duet, and recitative, Bach’s cantatas closely resembled the ____________ of the time.
FugueA type of polyphonic composition based on one main theme is a
Homophonic TextureThe early baroque was characterized by
Church CantanaThe principal means of musical expression in the Lutheran service was the
is not intended for religious services.A major difference between a cantata and an oratorio is that an oratorio
3A Vivaldi concerto usually has ____________ movements.
FluteThe solo instruments in Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 are the ____________, violin, and harpsichord.
HarpsichordThe main keyboard instruments of the baroque period were the organ and the
1600-1750Baroque style flourished in music during the period
OperaBach created masterpieces in every baroque form except
movementa piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but is part of a larger composition.
Pedal PointA ____________ is a single tone, usually in the bass, that is held while the other voices produce a series of changing harmonies against it.
Recitative____________ refers to a vocal line that imitates the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of speech.
Figured bassA bass part together with numbers that specify the chords to be played above it is called
Basso continuoThe most characteristic feature of baroque music is its use of
OperaAn ____________ is a play, set to music, sung to orchestral accompaniment, with scenery, costumes, and action.
Favored polyphonic textureThe early and late baroque periods differed in that composers in the late baroque
ChoraleThe ____________ is a Lutheran congregational hymn tune.
acting, scenery, or costumes.Oratorio differs from opera in that it has no
Basso Continuo# above note, noted as single base line
Claudio Monteverdibest known for operas
Orfeo- earliest opera
Antonio VivaldiSacred Music
“Red Priest”
taught at Pieta- all girls school
George Frederic Handeloperas
wrote messiah
operaorigins in the Florentine Camerata -Greek tragedy
Libretto -the text of the opera
Recitative -vocal line imitating speech
Aria -song for solo voice -full accompaniment
librettotext of the opera
recitativevocal line imitating speech
Castratohigh male voice
castration of singer before puberty
Orfeoearliest opera
Dido and Aeneaswrote by Henry Purcell
opera aria
ground bass/lament bassrepeating bass lines/ chord progressions
Solo concertoone soloists vs. tutti
“A song from the four seasons”
Concerto grossosmall group of soloists vs. tutti
SuiteFrench baroque lute/harpsichord composers
stylized dance movements