Ambition In Life (Essay Sample)

Ambition in life

Different people can consider the concept of ambition differently – some in the positive, others in a negative way. And the most exciting fact is that both will be right because life aspirations can be both for good and serve to the detriment of a person. The level of future ambition is determined in childhood and adolescence, and in adulthood, we reap its benefits – for some people ambitions helped to achieve all life’s benefits, and some have remained dreamers that now are disappointed and offended. And the reason for such a polarity lies in the fact that the decisive role in this matter plays the assessment of the level of aspirations.

The absence of goals can recognize people with understated aspirations, they do not defend their interests, float with the stream. Even if some event cause discontent with them, it is still unlikely that they will do any actions to change the situation. For them is more comfortable to accept it, adjust, admit that everything is not that bad in their life and do not even try to strain. Such people see barriers not as an opportunity for growth, but only as a difficulty that takes away their energy, so they do not like them and in every possible way avoid any discomfort. They obviously can more and deserve more, but they are satisfied with the small. The understated level of ambition frequently points to low self-esteem, lack of initiative and indifference to the life.

Overestimated aspirations frequently lead to disappointment, as they do not correspond to the real capabilities of the person. He set such a great goal that cannot master it. Overly ambitious people are growing with claims, arrogance, capriciousness, and pride, which apparently does not contribute to the sympathy of others, let alone respect and honor. Such people have a lot of ideas, plans, and projects, which they do not start or refuse them by any difficulty on their way. Dreamers beautifully paint the world in their imagination, but they remain far from reality. They are afraid of unforeseen situations, real solutions to problems, afraid to see the things that are unpleasant to them and therefore prefer to leave their goals “in perfect safety” in their fantasies.

But adequate ambitions lead a person to those desired results, which he dreamed about and acted. The normal level of aspirations is the internal motivation engine for movement in life. Such people have purposefulness, a sober view on life, their strengths and weaknesses. They like to learn, overcome difficulties, draw conclusions, develop, and try new and unknown things. An adequate level of ambition is the golden mean that helps to set an achievable goal and not lose motivation on the way to achieve it. Such people quickly adapt to the social environment, while not losing their personality.

Summing up, it is fair to notice that to succeed – it is necessary to avoid extremes and learn to keep a balance between high and low ambitions. A healthy level of enthusiasm positively affects the life. First, it supports a reasonable desire for new knowledge. Secondly, it characterizes its owner as a person with a strongly marked sense of personal dignity. Thirdly, it helps to climb the career ladder easier and to achieve professional and personal goals. Speaking of my ambition, one cannot say whether this quality is good or bad because its central meaning lies not in their availability, but in their quantity.


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