Ancient Greek Crossword


Ancient Greek marketplaceAgora
Ancient Olympic eventWrestling
Home of the MinoansKnossos
Modern country of which Athens is capitalGreece
Snack eaten in GreecePomegranate
Famous temple to Athens on the AcropolisParthenon
Column with two swirls at the topTonic
Five-event Olympic contestPentathlon
Long, thin pole thrown in OlympicsJavelin
People who conquered Athens and SpartaMacedonians
Father of historyHerodotus
God of wineDionysus
King of the godsGreek – Zeus
Roman – Jupiter
Goddess of beauty and loveGreek – Aphrodite
Roman – Venus
God of shepherds and flocksPan
God of the seaGreek – Poseidon
Roman – Neptune
Messenger of the godsGreek – Hermes
Roman – Mercury
God of sun, light, and truthGreek – Apollo
Roman – Apollo
Conflict between ancient Athens and SpartaPeloponnesian War
Blind Greek poetHomer
Ancient Greek writing instrumentStylus
Fruit snack in ancient GreeceFig
Style of architecture with thick, sturdy columnsDoric
Leader of the Stoic school of philosophyZeno
Mythological Greek who flew too close to the sunIcarus
_______ Age, time of the oldest known shipwreck in the worldBronze
Dominant city-state of Ancient GreeceAthens
_______ throw. Olympic sportDiscuss
______ horse (Greek military trick)Trojan
Olympic prizeOlive wreath
German excavator of TroySchliemann
Ancient Greek philosopher; promoter of the scientific methodAristotle
Bathtub scientist and pump inventorArchimedes