Ap Human Geography Chapter 9

AP Human Geography Chapter 9: Development

What is the definition of Development?The process of improving the material conditions of people through the diffusion of knowledge and technology
What are the two categories that countries fall into regarding development?MDCs – More developed countries
LDCs – Less developed countries
How is a country’s level of development determined?By The Human Development Index (HDI)
What are the four factors in the Human Development Index?Economic:
(1) gross domestic product (GDP) per capita
(2) literacy
(3) amount of education
(4) life expectancy
What is the range of possible HDIs? What is the country with the highest HDI as of 2009? Lowest?Ranges from 0 to 1.
The highest possible HDI is 1.00 (100%).
Norway holds the highest HDI with 0.971.
Niger holds the lowest HDI with 0.340.
Where are the countries with high HDIs primarily located? Latitude Line? What are the exceptions?Primarily above 30 degrees N latitude. Exception: Austrailia
What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?GDP is the value of the total output of goods and services produced in a country.
It is the main economic indicator of development.
How do you calculate GDP per capita?GDP divided by population
What is the average GDP per capita in MDCs vs LDCs?GDP per capita in MDCs exceeded $30,000.
GDP per capita in LDCs was less than $3,000.
Why is GDP not a very good indicator of the distribution of wealth in a country?It is only an average.
GDP per capita is _____ between MDCs and LDCs.
What does this mean?
Widening. This means MDCs are getting richer while LDCs are getting poorer overall.
In addition to GDP, what are three other indicators useful in determining if a country is an LDC or MDC?Types of jobs, Productivity, and Consumer goods
What are the 3 sectors in the Types of Jobs category, and what types of jobs do these sectors include?Primary sector – workers extract materials from the Earth, agriculture, mining
Secondary sector – manufacturing, processing raw materials into a product
Tertiary sector – provision of goods or services for payment, retail, banking, law, education, government
How is productivity measured?Measured by the value added per capita – which is the gross value of a product minus the costs of raw materials and energy.
What are consumer goods in MDCs vs LDCs?In LDCs, consumer goods such as telephones, televisions, and motor vehicles are familiar to many people but owned by relatively few.
In MDCs, these items are owned by almost all people.
What are the 2 Social Indicators of Development?Education and Literacy & Health and Welfare