At Saint-Sernin, The ____ Served As The Module For The Proportions Of The Entire Church.

Chapter 12 Romanesque Europe

What purpose did Gislebertus’s image of the last judgement on the portal of saint- Lazare serveIt encouraged viewers to seek salvation by terrifying them.
Among those who would be judged favorably in Gislebertus’s Last Judgment are people carrying
bags adorned with a shell and a cross. These figures represent ____.
pilgrims to Jerusalem and Santiago
The term Roman-like was adopted to describe the architecture of the Romanesque period because
it relied on elements of Roman architecture such as ____.
groin vaults
Which of the following encouraged the growth of towns and cities?The pilgrimage routes
____ was the economic system that was gradually replaced by the growth of towns and cities
during the Romanesque period.
One of the factors that contributed to the enormous surge in church building during the
Romanesque period was the ____.
thanksgiving experienced at the peaceful conclusion of the first millennium
Pilgrims often journeyed to churches to view ____, which were the material remains of holy figures.relics
The primary motivation for undertaking a pilgrimage, which was extremely dangerous and could
often last a year, was ____.
to seek salvation or a cure
9. ____ is the theft of relics for holy purposes.Furta sacra
Pilgrims believed that relics could ____.heal body and soul
The most venerated pilgrimage shrine in the West, outside Rome or Jerusalem, was the ____.tomb of Saint James at Santiago de Compostela
Saint Faith at Conques, Saint James at Santiago de Compostela, and Saint-Sernin at Toulouse
are all examples of ____ churches.
Saint-Sernin at Toulouse has been called a “pilgrimage type” church. Which of the following
accounts for this designation?
It had radiating chapels attached to the transept and ambulatory.
The purpose of tribunes such as those found at Saint James at Santiago de Compostela and
Saint-Sernin in Toulouse was ____.
to house the overflow crowds and to buttress the weight of the vaults
The nave of pilgrimage churches, such as Saint-Sernin at Toulouse and Saint James, were
covered by a ____.
cut-stone barrel vault
At Saint-Sernin, the ____ served as the module for the proportions of the entire church.crossing square
Compound piers are ____.piers with attached columns or pilasters
In the Romanesque period, church interiors became impressive acoustical settings for church
services. Which of the following architectural elements allowed for the excellent acoustics?
The continuous barrel-vaulted naves
The revival of monumental sculpture in the Romanesque period was partially influenced by ____.the survival of ancient Roman ruins
The monks of the ____ order were among the primary patrons of Romanesque sculptureCluniac
____ possesses the most extensive preserved ensemble of early Romanesque sculpture.Saint-Pierre, Moissac
The _____ is the covered courtyard in a monastery that expressed the seclusion of the spiritual life and offered a foretaste of paradisecloister
The Cistercian monk who criticized the rich outfitting of non-Cistercian churches and sculptural
adornments of monastic cloisters was ____.
Bernard of Clairvaux
In his writings, Bernard of Clairvaux criticized the profusion of sculptural decoration in
Romanesque cloisters because it ____.
distracted the viewer from reading and prayer.
One of the most obvious differences between Cistercian churches such as Notre-Dame at
Fontenay and other Romanesque churches is the absence of ____.
sculptural decoration
The focus of the sculptural program of the abbey church of Saint Pierre at Moissac is the ____.second coming
The ____ is the semi-circular area above the lintel of a Romanesque portal.tympanum
During the Romanesque period, the vision of Christ’s second coming was often depicted on which
of the following?
The tympanum
On the right face of the Moissac trumeau is a prophet displaying his scroll containing his prophetic
vision. He is placed immediately below the depiction of Christ, the judge. This is another instance of
the pairing of the Old and New Testament themes. This iconographic tradition was established during
which of the following periods?
Early Christian
____ is the church most closely associated with the crusades.La Madeleine, Vézelay
The tympanum of the Romanesque portal of La Madeleine at Vézelay depicts ____.Pentecost
The ____ were mass armed pilgrimages whose purpose was to take control of Christian
monuments in the Holy Land.
Reflecting Christ’s mission to the apostles, depicted in the lintel and tympanum compartments at
Vézelay are ____.
images of the world’s heathens
The mission of the ____, the earliest crusading knights, was to protect Christians visiting Christian
shrines in the Holy Land.
Knights Templar
Scholars believe that the ____ manuscript was produced in the scriptorium at Moissac.Codex Colbertinus
The interwining forms on the initial L and saint matthew of the codex Colbertinus attest to the long life of the _______ from the hiberno- saxon periodanimal interlace style
In contrast to the Cluiacs, the ____ order eventually prohibited full-page illustrations in
The depiction of the battle between the knight and the dragons from the Moralia in Job was
viewed by the clergy as ____.
an allegory of the struggle of monks against the devil for the salvation of souls
The use of ornamented initials such as the Initial R in the Moralia in Job can be traced back to the
____ period.
____, in northern Spain, boasts more Romanesque murals than anywhere else in EuropeCatalonia
Similar to the subject matter of Romanesque portals, the ____ fresco from Santa María de Mur
represents Christ surrounded by the four evangelists.
Christ in Majesty
The “throne of wisdom,” sedes sapientiae, is the western European freestanding version of which
of the following?
Byzantine Theotokos
Which church was the burial place of the Holy Roman emperors until the 12th century?Speyer Cathedral
The one important requirement often missing from these church interiors is light. Which of the
following did not allow for interior lighting?
Barrel-vaults exerted great outward thrust making a clerestory difficult to construct.
How did 11th-century Romanesque masons construct monumental groin vaults?By using ashlar blocks joined by mortar
Of the following characteristics, which is not relevant to Italian church architecture?Verticality
In ____, buildings were designed structurally less experimentally than in northern Europe.Italy
It is said this structure’s design is simple and serenely classical. It is a descendant of the
Pantheon, the imperial mausoleum, such as Diocletian’s, and the early Christian Saint Costanza.
Which of the following is being described?
San Giovanni Baptistery, Florence
The facade of ____ is rooted in the tradition of Carolingian and Ottonian westworksSaint-Étienne, Caen
Which of these architectural elements was used for the exterior supports on Romanesque
The intersection of two barrel vaults creates which of the following?Groin vault
The Norman defeat of the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 united all of England
and most of France under one rule. The battle leading to this momentous occasion was the topic for
the Bayeux Tapestry. Who commissioned this work?
Bishop Odo
The Bayeux Tapestry is unique in Romanesque art. Which of the following supports this claim?It depicted an actual event in full detail shortly after it occurred.
The Bayeux Tapestry is the conqueror’s version of history. It is a narrative that includes the battle
sequences as well as the preparations for war. It is said that this is the most Roman of all
Romanesque artworks. Which of the following supports this contention?
It has often been likened to the panels from the Arch of Titus.