At Various Stages In The Printmaking Process, Artists Check On The Developing Image By Making

Chapter 8: Printmaking

Why would Utagawa Hiroshige have needed to be careful in his registration in creating Shono hakuu (light Rain at Shono)?It required multiple blocks of color.
Elizabeth Catlett’s Sharecropper is an example ofLinoleum cut
*Mary Casssatt’s The Letter most notably demonstrates the influence ofJapanese woodblock prints
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s Jane Avril Jardin’s de Paris is a poster created usingOffset Lithography
*At various stages in the printmaking process, artists check on the developing image by makingProofs
*The process of printing came to Europe fromChina
A contemporary artist who uses relief techniques in an original way isBetsabee Romero
A print in which an artist is physically involved with production known asAn original print
*In which of the following media does the artist draw an image with a greasy crayon directly on a flat stone slab?Lithography
Nicola Lopez’s Blighted expresses the artist’s memories ofThe attacks of September 11, 2001.
According to your book, what are the four types of print making?1) Lithography
2) Intaglio
3) Screen printing
4) Relief print
Identify two types of prints associated with the relief printmaking process.1) Woodcuts
2) Wood craving