Binet And Simon Designed A Test Of Intellectual Abilities In Order To

AP Psych Unit 11 test

Experts would most likely agree that intelligence isa mental ability to learn from experience
To regard an abstract concept as if it were a real, concrete thing is calledreification
The Stanford-Binet, WAIS, and WISC tests are all types ofgeneral intelligence tests
Factor analysis has been used to assess whetherintelligence is a single trait or a collection of distinct disabilities
Spearman’s g factor refers toa general intelligence that underlies successful performance on a wide variety of tasks
People’s scores on the general intelligence factor are most highly correlated with their ability to solve _________ problems.novel
Investigators detected a tendency for those who excelled in one of Thurstone’s seven primary mental abilities to also demonstrate high levels of competence in other abilities. This provided some evidence ofgeneral intelligence
The characteristics of savant syndrome most directly suggest that intelligence isa diverse set of distinct abilities
Howard Garner identified a total of ________________ intelligences.eight
Robert Sternberg distinguished among analytical, practical, and _______________ intelligencecreative
Emotional intelligence is a critical component ofsocial intelligence
One component of emotional intelligence involvespredicting accurately when feelings are about to change
The concept of emotional intelligence is most likely to be criticized forextending the definition of intelligence to an overly broad range of skills
In very stressful or embarrassing situations, Sanura is able mot maintain her poise and help others to feel comfortable. Sanura’s ability best illustrates the value ofemotional intelligence
The lower region of the _______ lobe is a center for processing mathematical and spatial information.parietal
High intelligence scores have been linked with high concentrations of gray matter in certain regions of the frontal lobe. The gray matter refers to the __________ of neurons.cell bodies
Brain size (adjusted for body size) is ________ correlated with intelligence. The speed of taking in perceptual information is ___________ correlated with intelligence.positively; positively
Precious 12 to 14 year old college students with unusually high levels of verbal intelligence are most likely toretrieve information from memory at an unusually rapid speed
Hereditary Genius is the title of a book authored byFrancis Galton
The nineteenth-century English scientist Sir Francis Galton believed thatsuperior intelligence is biologically inherited
Binet and Simon designed a test of intellectual abilities in order toidentify children likely to have difficulty learning in regular school classes
Binet used the term mental age to refer tothe chronological age that most typically corresponds to a given level of intelligence test performance
Lewis Terman’s widely used American revision of Binet’s original intelligence test was theStanford-Binet
A 12-year-old who responded to the original Stanford-Binet with the proficiency typical of an average 9-year-old was said to have an IQ of75
Achievement tests are designed toassess learned knowledge or skills
Tests designed to predict ability to learn new skills are calledaptitude tests
A test of your capacity to learn to be an automobile mechanic would be considered a(n) ___________ testaptitude
The WAIS was designed for testing ___________ intelligence, whereas the WISC was designed for testing __________ intelligenceadults’; children’s
If a test is standardized, this means thata person’s test performance can be compared with that of a representative pretested group
A bell-shaped curve that characterizes a large sample of intelligence test scores is a graphic representation of anormal distribution
People’s scores on the general intelligence factor are most highly correlated with their ability to solve ________ problems.novel
Who is most likely to be criticized for extending the definition of intelligence to an overly broad range of talents?Howard Garner
Postmortem brain analyses reveal that highly educated people have _________ when they die than do their less educated counterparts.Emotional intelligence
Research on intelligence and brain anatomy indicates that highly intelligent children demonstrate __________ than their less intelligent counterpartsMore synapses
In developing a test of intellectual ability for Parisian schoolchildren, Binet and Simon assumed thatGreater neural plasticity
The original IQ formula would be LEAST appropriate for representing that intelligence test performance ofA bright child would perform like a normal child of an older age
A survey of the history of intelligence testing reinforces the important lesson that
The written exam for a driver’s license would most likely be considered a(n) ________ testa
The distribution of intelligence test scores in the general population forms a bell-shaped pattern. This pattern is called aa
Comparing the average performance of the initial WAIS standardization sample with the average performance of the most recent WAIS standardization sample provides convincing evidence ofd
Researchers assess the correlation between scores obtained on two halves of a single test in order to measure the _________ of a test.c
A test that measures or predicts what it is supposed to is said to have a high degree ofb
After learning about his low score on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Gunter complained “I don’t believe that test is a measure of intelligence at all.” Gunter’s statement is equivalent to saying that the WAIS lacksa
The best predictor that infants will develop high levels of intellectual aptitude is theirc
The high positive correlations between scores received on comparable sections of the SAT and GRE provide evidence for the ____________ of these test scores.c
Research has indicated that seventh and eighth graders who outscored most high school seniors on a college aptitude test had begun __________ at an unusually early age.a
Educational programs for gifted children are most likely to be criticized ford
The similarity between the intelligence test scores of identical twins raised apart isc
Which of the following observations provides the best evidence that intelligence test scores are influenced by environment?d
The heritability of intelligence is greatest amonga
The “Mozart effect” refers to the now-discounted finding that cognitive ability is boosted byc
Exposure to high levels of male sex hormones during prenatal development is likely to facilitate the subsequent development ofd
Sweden and Iceland exhibit little of the gender gap in mathematical abilities found in Turkey and Korea. This best illustrates that mental abilities arec