Blackboard FIU

FIU Online Support Services offers both online and face to face student orientations at the beginning of every semester.True
Blackboard will allow you to answer questions after the test time limit has expired.False
To ensure that your computer is compatible with Blackboard and meets the minimum hardware requirements, you should take the Practice Quiz before taking each graded quiz, especially if you are using a different computer.True
Which one of the following resources should you use if you encounter a Blackboard/technical question?Click on the “Technical Support” link on the course menu
What are the minimum skills needed for students to take a fully online course?It is NOT none
How often should you log into your online course?At least every other day or as specified by my instructor
Blackboard will automatically save your answers and submit your test when the time has expired.True
Which of the following items can be found in your course syllabus?All of the above
Using the image above, which URL is used to access your online course(s)?
FIU Online Support Services can be contacted via:all of the above