Chapter 15 Section 2 Evidence Of Evolution

Biology Chapter 15 Section 2: Evidence of Evolution

fossilremains or traces of an organism that died long ago
superpositionif the rock strata at a location have not been disturbed, the lowest stratum was formed before the strata above it
relative ageage compared to that of other fossils
absolute agetime since formation
-radiometric dating
transitional speciesspecies that have features that are intermediate between those of hypothesized ancestors and later descendant species
biogeographystudy of the locations of organisms around the world
homologous structuresanatomical structures that occur in different species and that originated by heredity from a structure in the most recent common ancestor of the species
analogous structuresclosely related functions but do not derive from the same ancestral structure
vestigial structuresseem to serve no function but resemble structures with functional roles in related organisms
modern synthesis of evolutionary theoryintegration of the theory of natural selection with new understandings of genetics
phylogenyrelationships by ancestry among groups of organisms
embryologythe study of how organisms develop
anatomythe study of the body structure of organisms