Comparative Essay Writing Guide

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Comparative Essay Writing Tutorial

The appellation of a comparative essay speaks for itself. Its content should present a comparison of two or more somehow related subjects that can have and aren’t limited to one of the successive forms:

Opinions. Positions on the matter or attitudes towards it.

Lore. Theories, applied or possible remedies and practices.

Numbers. Quantities, amounts or sizes of particular metrics.

Facts. Traditions, processes or procedures that served development or degradation.

Events. Historical occasions and their importance and aftermaths.

Value. Artistic creations or technical inventions and their significance.

Quality. Resolutions, explorations, modifications, and their consequences.

The issues similarities and differences you should compare and contrast can be provided in an assignment topic question, separately specified or determined by you. Prepare a basic comparing components list to start a roadmap of your essay. Try to focus on connected aspects. For instance, technology, administration, and military in two chosen countries. Each of these clauses has its impact on the nation living and growth.

Main purposes of a comparative essay writing

The primary objective of this academic paper kind is to form a resolution, a choice range or promote a following more scrupulous examination of the matter basing on a comparative analysis. Contraposing two energy resources can define a more efficient one. Likening few technological processes can affect a choice of the best suitable one for some manufacture. Weighing unproven hypotheses can stimulate their further investigation that can overbalance the initial simile.

The other goal is to ensure a thorough evaluation of subjects under specific or general conditions. Its quality level should appropriately power the primary one. The delivered statement should influence reviewers with logical affirmations, proofs and grounded on conclusions. Writers might represent their reasoned opinion in an advice or recommendation form. Usually, their attitude is equal towards all mentioned issues: approving, discommending or neutral.

A meticulous facets exploration of situations or effects is another purpose and a feature of a comparative essay writing. That can elucidate the matter more clearly and stimulate higher interest, its appreciation and comprehension. It can be vital for society and global essential topics since only amply and explicitly informed community can come to a needed and satisfactory solution or alteration.

Top-20 topics for a comparative essay

The paper theme can hold collating subjects obviously or hide them in a generalized matter with envisaging specifications in forthcoming chapters.

Check out following topic categories and examples that are appropriate for this academic work:

  1. Architecture. Bridge construction types – Liken applied technologies, materials and forms.
  2. Art. Northern Renaissance – Describe and simile the period impact on few countries.
  3. Biology. GMO products – Compare advantages and disadvantages of the contribution in the food industry.
  4. Devices. Respected brands vs. Chinese replicas – Match quality, appearance and productivity features.
  5. Ecology. Alternative energy sources – Collate currently existent optional power producing remedies.
  6. Economy. Brexit and its consequences – Contrapose and evaluate the financial situation of Great Britain as the EU member and its plausible future as a separate figure.
  7. Education. In-class vs. online education – Match pros and cons of each one.
  8. Fashion. Coco Chanel: before and after – Reportage how the clothing style changed under the designer’s influence in a comparison form.
  9. History. The Crusades – Match reasons and achievements of happened interventions.
  10. Home. Rent vs. mortgage – State and estimate conditions, expenses and possible hooks for accommodation hunters.
  11. Literature. Shakespeare’s plays – Liken their settings, meaning or productions.
  12. Personalities. Queens of the United Kingdom – Compare rule years’ achievements and failures of crowned-head ladies since the state formation.
  13. Physics. String Theory Meets Loop Quantum Gravity – Theories basics and their application comparison.
  14. Politics. Present government forms – Compare fundamental clauses, national peculiarities and how they affect the state progress.
  15. Services. Will Internet TV completely replace the digital? – List and estimate attributes of each type.
  16. Society. Citizens’ arms rights. – Contrast law formulations and the criminal situation in different countries.
  17. Sport. Liverpool vs. Manchester United – Compare triumphs and backgrounds of two red football clubs.
  18. Technology. Artificial Intelligence – Apprise the invention process and its probable success and failure consequences.
  19. Travel. Cheap transportation options – Describe available choices matching its convenience, cost and other aspects.
  20. Upbringing. How to raise an independent person? – Collate existing nurture practical methods and their efficiency.

Download topics:

Sometimes the chosen topic can appear too extensive. To stick to the preferable theme and demanded volume apply time, location and situation limitations to your essay. Consider the ones that will help the most interestingly for the audience cover the subject.

How to write an introduction for a comparative essay

The preamble should explain to your readers the topic selection, the subject background, definition and argumentation of its aspects that will be matched and contrasted. To ensure that you can implement ensuing techniques:

Comparison declaration. Itemize the features that will be a foundation of a collation.

Matter origins. Briefly describe the subject genesis or its formation process.

Narration start. Visualize the situation to engage your readers in a theoretical time-travel adventure.

Citing. Commence with a phrase of the well-known involved person.

Range. Establish temporal, geographical and conditional bounds of the examining matter.

The introduction should be concise, without banal formulations and have a corresponding to the field emotional toning that you will apply to the whole essay. Append attention hooks by befittingly advertising the subject and provide a smooth connection with the statement.

Review the following instance of the section excerpt, theme: In-class vs. online education.

The XXI century generations remarkably differ even from the 90s children. Their device advanced skills and obsession along with psychological issues that are caused by informational exorbitance, conditions and genetic features lead to their lack of concentration, assiduity and reliability. Mentioned circumstances make the school and college curriculums alternations vital study programs and process organization wise.

The modern technologies allow implementing various teaching methodologies and diminish the restrictions that can be dictated by the location, time, health, state issues, etc. Online education even with a minimum equipment basis can bring the enlightenment around the world. But will its possibilities be enough to substitute the studying at the educational institutions fully?

How to write thesis for a comparative essay

The first step of the main body accomplishment is to come up with a fitting to the topic structure. Mentioned-below thesis writing strategies will assist in a text framework creation for the best material representation.

Alternating Method

A writer consistently compares specific clauses of the investigating subjects. Juxtaposing aspects strategy will be the most appropriate when their resemblance and distinctions are evident in few areas, and their details analysis is required.

Browse its succinct employment example on In-class vs. online education topic:

Real-life teacher-student connection and a surrounding community that shares the experience can provide the support that a studying person needs. But not everyone’s self-confidence can withstand competitive and evaluation-on-the-stage nature of the process.

Online education can ensure the required for these people level of privacy and allow using digital communication remedies for their concerns. That can increase their academic performance. But even this learning society segment can with time feel loneliness and insecurity.

Block Method

A statement is separated in few parts. Each of them is dedicated to one of the collating subjects. This strategy is suitable for multiple issues comparison or unequally information supported matters. It provides less integrated content that should be linked with remained paper chapters or additional statement sections.

How to write conclusions for a comparative essay

This paper cannot always be ended with an actual outcome. Essences of the subjects can be not sufficiently related to generate a single decision or opinion. That’s why the final essay section ordinarily has a form of a summary with underlining the most significant compared aspects considering occurred or future consequences.

Get familiar with the fragment of the conclusive chapter of In-class vs. online education essay.

The current development levels of both educational processes make their methods combination apparently the best solution in capable for their implementation environments. Since their number is bounded especially on some continents, the improvement of each studying type remains demanded and urgent.

Whatever topic you opt for always attain the paper purposes. Don’t be apathetic to the exploring subjects if you don’t desire the same reaction from the reviewers. Use only trustworthy sources and avoid prevarications to represent your competence and earn the reputation of a reliable writer.