Compared With Political Parties In Europe, Parties In The United States Have Always Seemed

Chap 9

One important cause of the two-party system in the United States issingle-member electoral districts.
The Speaker of the House is selected bythe party that holds the majority of seats in the House.
Since the creation of our current “two-party” system, when was the last time a “third-party” candidate won the presidency of the United States?1912
African Americansoverwhelmingly vote Democratic.
Which of the following differentiates an interest group from a political party?An interest group seeks to influence government on a narrow range of issues, whereas a party attempts to win elections.
Who was the founder of the Democratic Party?Andrew Jackson
A psychological tie to a political party is the definition ofparty identification.
Compared with political parties in Europe, parties in the United States have always seemedweak
The original party system in the United States pitted the Federalists, supported by __________, against the Jeffersonian Republicans, supported by _____________.merchants; agrarian interests
The authors of the textbook argue that one of the major factors responsible for the relatively low rates of voter turnout that characterize U.S. national elections isthe decline of political parties.
Until recent years at least, ____________ have been the principal agents responsible for giving citizens the motivation and incentive to vote.the major parties
What was George Washington’s relationship with political parties in early America?He thought political parties were a terrible idea.
In general, which party tends to favor lower taxes and few social programs?Republican
In general, Democrats supportsocial programs and regulation of businesses.
What method of policy making has become popular as a means of direct democracy?referendum
A party meeting to help nominate a candidate and formulate a platform is known as aconvention
The process by which a party selects a single candidate to run for an elective office is defined as anomination
From the Civil War to the 1960s, the ____________ was a Democratic stronghold.South
Which person came up with the “southern strategy” to get white southerners to start voting Republican?Richard Nixon
The Republican Party was formedas a coalition of antislavery forces.
The _____________ is a party document, written at a national convention, that contains party philosophy, principles, and positions on platform
Which of the following reasons best explains the short lives of third parties?Their causes are usually eliminated by the ability of the major parties to absorb their programs and to draw their supporters into the mainstream.
After thirty-six years of dominating U.S. political life, the Republican Party lost power after ____________ began.the Great Depression
The first “party system” in the United Stated consisted ofFederalists and Jeffersonian Republicans.
A proportional-representation electoral system isa multimember district system that gives each political party representation in proportion to its percentage of the total vote.
Historically, the United States has always been a ____________-party system.two
527 committees arenonprofit independent groups that receive and disburse funds to influence elections.
Which of the following is a task of the Democratic and Republican national committees?raising campaign funds
Partisan ties in the United States have ____________ in recent years.declined
Which party has controlled the White House for most of the last thirty years?Republican
Which famous American, in his farewell address, encouraged his fellow citizens to avoid partisan politics?George Washington