Consider The Following Figure. It Indicates That A Single Amino Acid Substitution ______.

bio ch 10-12 set 2

Peptide bonds form between ______.amino acids
What is the smallest number of nucleotides that must be added or subtracted to change the triplet grouping of the genetic message?one
What is the ultimate source of all diversity?mutation
Mad cow disease is caused byinfectious proteins called prions
How can bacteriophage DNA be spread from cell to cell without causing cell death?via lysogenic cycle
The figure below shows the flow of genetic information in a eukaryotic cell. The transfer of information from DNA into an RNA molecule is known as ______.transcription
Examine the genetic code table, shown below. The codon AGC codes for the amino acid ______.serine
Consider the following figure. It indicates that a single amino acid substitution ______.may alter protein, no longer functions properly
At one point, you were just an undifferentiated, single cell. You are now made of many cells; some of these cells function as liver cells, some as muscle cells, some as red blood cells, while others play different roles. What name is given to the process that is responsible for this?cellular differention
The process by which genotype becomes expressed as phenotype is ______.gene expression
In bacteria, what name is given to a cluster of genes with related functions, along with their DNA control sequences?operon
In prokaryotes, the production of a single RNA transcript for a group of related genes is under the control of the ______.operon
In an operon, the ______ acts as an on/off switch.operator
Which of the following turns off transcription by binding to the operator?repressor
While examining a human cell that functions normally, you determine that it has 45 functional chromosomes and one chromosome that is almost completely inactive. You immediately decide that it is very likely that this cell ______.came from normal human female
What is the first level of control of eukaryotic gene transcription?DNA packing and unpacking
Introns are ______.noncoding DNA sequences
Cells communicate with one another via ______.signal transduction pathways
The “master control genes” that regulate other genes, which determine what body parts will develop in which locations, are called ______.homeotic genes
Homeotic genes ______.evidence of common ancestry of eukaryotic organisms
How is it that the cells in different body tissues are able to perform different functions?different patterns of gene expression
Reproductive cloning involvesbe dedifferentiated
Possible uses of reproductive cloning include ______.all of the above
What is a difference between embryonic and adult stem cells?embryonic undifferentiated; adult partially differentiated
What name is given to a gene that causes cancer?oncogene
Data suggest that the normal version of BRCA1 functions as a(n) ______.tumor suppressor gene
Which risk factors are associated with cancer of the colon and rectum?dietary fat
______ is(are) responsible for more cancers than any other carcinogen.tobacco
More people die of ______ cancer than of any other cancer.lung
Which of these lifestyle choices will increase cancer risk?diet low in plant fiber