Enforcement Of The Volstead Act Met The Strongest Resistance From

APUSH Chapter 31

the red scare of 1919-1920 was provked bythe public’s fear that labor troubles were sparked by communist and anarchist revolutionaries
disillusioned by war and peace, americans in the 1920’s did all of the following exceptstruggle ot achieve economic prosperity
Businesspeople used the red scare tobreak the backs of fledgling unions
The post-world war 1 ku klux klan advocated all of the following exceptopposition to prohibition
The ku klux klan of the 1920’s was a reaction againstthe forces of diversity and modernity that were transforming American culture
The Ku klux klan virtually collapsed in the late 1920’s whenthe organization was publicly exposed as a corrupt and cynical racket
Immigration restrictions of the late 1920s were introduced as a result ofthe nativist belief that northern Europeans were superior to southern and eastern Europeans
Enforcement of the volstead Act met the strongest resistance formimmigrants and big-city residents
The religion of almost all polish immigrants to America wasRoman Catholicism
The zeal of federal agents in enforcing prohibition laws against liquor smugglers strained US diplomatic relations withCanada
Besides controlling the illegal liquor idustry, American gangsters in the 1920s earned rich profits form all of the following activities exceptpronography
Top gangster al capone was finally convicted and sent to prision for the crime ofincome tax evasion
John Dewey can rightly be called the father ofprogressive education
According to john dewey, a teacher’s primary goal is toeducate students for life by active learning methods
O the following, the one least related to the other four itsFrederick w. taylor
The immediat outcome of the 1925 scopes trial was thatbiology teacher john scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution and fined
After the scopes “monkey trial”fundamentalist religion remained a vibrant force in American spiritual life
All of the following helped to make the prosperity of the 1920s possible exceptgovernment stimulation of the economy
the main problem faced by American manufacturers in the 1920s involveddeveloping expanded markets fo people to buy their products
`In responce to the need ot develop greater mass markets for their products, American business in the 1920s relied especially on the new techniques ofconsumer advertising
bruce barton, author of the man nobody knows, expressed great admiration for jesus christ because bartonbelieved that christ was the best advertising man of all time
During the 1920s large numbers of Americans were able to purchase relatively expensive automobiles, appliances, and radios through the relatively new innovation ofconsumer credit
The prosperity that developed in the 1920swas accompanied by a cloud of consumer debt
Among the major figures promoted by mass media image makers and the new sports industry in the 1920s werebabe ruth and jack dempsey
Henry fords most distinctive contribution to the automobile industry wasproduction of a standardized, relatively inexpensive automobile
Which of the following was not among the industries that prospered mightily with widespread use of the automobileAluminum
the automobile revolution resulted in all of the following excepta loss of population in less attractive states
Charles lindbergh’s solo flight across the atlantic made him an American hero especially becausehis wholesome youthfulness contrasted with the cynicism and debunking of the jazz age
the first talkie motion picture wasthe jazz singer
The american airline industry in the 1920s made most of its early profits throughmail contracts with the federal government
the american radio industry was distinctive from radio in european nations because itwas a commercial business dependent of advertising
automobiles, radios, and motion picturescontributed to the standardization of American life
The 1920 census revealed that, for the first time, mostAmericans lived in cities
Margaret Sanger was most noted for her advocacy ofbirth control
Job opportunities for women in the 1920stended to cluster in a few low-paying fields
To justify their new sexual frankness, many Americans pointed tothe theories fo Sigmund Freud
Jazz music was developed byAmerican blacks
The most influential classical film of the 1910s, DW Griffiths’ birth of a nation, stirred extensive protest by African Americans becausethe filmglorified the ku klux klan and portrayed blacks as corrupt politicians or rapists
All of the following are true of Marcus Garvey, founder of the United Negro Improvement Association, except headvocated the idea of developing an elite “talented tenth” to lead African American progress
Ernest HemingwayThe sun also rises
F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
Sinclair LewisMain street
William FaulknerThe Sound and the Fury
Buying stock on margin meant purchasingit on credit with only a small down payment
The leading cultural critic of the 1920s, HL Mencken, attacked all of the following excepttechnology
Which of the following was not among prominent African American cultural figures of the 1920sRalph Ellison
As secretary of the treasury, Andrew Mellon placed the heaviest tax burden onmiddle-income groups