How Is The Sunspot Cycle Directly Relevant To Us Here On Earth

astronomy chapter 11

The overall result of the proton-proton chain is that4 H becomes 1 He + energy
To estimate the central temperature of the Sun, scientistsuse computer models to predict interior conditions
How is the sunspot cycle directly relevant to us here on Earth?Coronal mass ejections and other activity associated with the sunspot cycle can disrupt radio communications and knock out sensitive electronic equipment.
Different layers of the sun’s atmosphere: rank from first encountered to last encounteredcorona, chromosphere, photosphere
Rank the layers of the Sun’s atmosphere based on their density, from highest to lowest.photosphere, chromosphere, corona
Rank the layers of the Sun’s atmosphere based on their temperature, from highest to lowest.corona, chromosphere, photosphere
Rank the layers of the atmosphere based on the energy of the photons that are typically emitted there, from highest to lowest.corona, chromosphere, photosphere
Which changes would cause the fusion rate in the Sun’s core to increase?An increase in the core temperature
A decrease in the core radius
Which of the following must occur for a star’s core to reach equilibrium after an initial change in fusion rate?If the fusion rate initially increases, then the core expands.
If the fusion rate initially decreases, then the core contracts.
What would happen if the fusion rate in the core of the Sun were increased but the core could not expand?The Sun’s core would start to heat up and the rate of fusion would increase even more.
Nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium occurs in thecore
Energy moves through the Sun’s _______ by means of the rising of hot gas and falling of cooler gas.convection zone
Nearly all the visible light we see from the Sun is emitted from thephotosphere
Most of the Sun’s ultraviolet light is emitted from the narrow layer called the ______ where temperature increases with altitude.chromosphere
We can see the Sun’s ______ most easily during total solar eclipses.corona
The ________ is the layer of the Sun between its core and convection zone.radiation zone
X-ray images of the Sun generally show thecorona
How does the number of neutrinos passing through your body at night compare with the number passing through your body during the day?about the same
Which of these groups of particles has the greatest mass?4 individual protons
At the center of the Sun, fusion converts hydrogen intohelium, energy, and neutrinos
Solar energy leaves the core of the Sun in the form ofphotons
Sunspots appear darker than their surroundings because theyare cooler then their surroundings
What causes the cycle of solar activity?changes in the organization of the Sun’s magnetic field
What thing poses the greatest hazard to communications satellites?particles from the Sun
energy balancethe balance between the rate a which fusion releases energy into the star’s core and the rate at which the star’s surface radiates this energy into space.
sunspot cycleperiods of 11 years over which the number of sunspots on the sun rises and falls