How To Write A Philosophy Paper

A Philosophy Paper Writing Guide

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Students sometimes ask why do we need philosophy? The answer to this question lies in the content of those functions that philosophy can fulfill concerning a person, a social group, to science, art, and other phenomena of social reality. Science will never be able to answer all traditional philosophical questions. But each of us can try to do it ourselves with the help of thinking and argumentation writing.

Argumentation writing contributes to the development of mental abilities, such as clear and understandable expression of thoughts, observance of logical sequence and structuring of material. Students acquire this skill with the help of such a type of written text as an essay on philosophy.

Main Purposes of a Philosophy Essay Writing

A human has always tried to find an answer to such most common and deep questions: what is the world around, and what is the place and purpose of a human in the world? What lies at the basis of everything that exists: material or spiritual? Is the world subordinated to any laws? Can a human know the world around him, what is this cognition? Such questions are worldview ones.

The secret goal of philosophy (as well as religion) is to lead a person out of the sphere of ordinary life, to entice him with higher ideals, to give his life the true meaning, to open the way to the perfect values. Religion is a mass consciousness. Philosophy is an elite consciousness, requiring not only talent but also professional training. Philosophy is aimed at liberating human thinking from the various traps that nest inside this thinking. It should free the human mind from the obstacles hidden in it, to an adequate perception of the world. The very process of developing a convincing argument helps the author to form himself as a critic and thinker.

Top-20 Interesting and Controversial Topics for a Philosophy Essay

  1. The philosophy of everyday life: examples that we do not see
  2. Sigmund Freud against the Lord God
  3. Does man’s happiness depend on his worldview?
  4. The meaning of human life. The problem of the meaning of life
  5. The problems of human existence in modern society
  6. Kant’s Ideas Today
  7. What is freedom and how to dispose of it?
  8. The phenomenon of morality in the minds of the globalized society
  9. Philosophical foundations of high technologies
  10. Technologies that change the society
  11. Humanistic ideas in the texts of the Quran
  12. The anti-Christianity of Friedrich Nietzsche and his reasons
  13. Human and Computer Consciousness
  14. The meaning of life and the fate of man
  15. Marxism in modern China
  16. Death as the central subject of philosophizing
  17. Man as the subject of the historical process
  18. The Philosophy of Unity
  19. The essence of social philosophy
  20. What philosophy reflects my worldview?

Essay Structure

The plan for writing essays can be divided into the following components, of which four parts are mandatory.

How to Write an Introduction to a Philosophy Essay

The introduction should have both an introductory and a thesis statement. The initial should be written in such a way as to interest the reader, and he read with enthusiasm the whole text. It can be a catching quote, a question or a statement.

Is It Possible to Develop the Union Concept of Freedom?

In the world history of ideas, the Freedom is perhaps the most attractive, intimate, though ambiguous and multilayered concept. It is difficult to find a culture in the world that does not have its notion of freedom, in the many thousands of years of history of thought every significant philosopher-thinker interpreted the meaning of this concept. The concept is also widely used in politics and ideology. It is also the basic concept of universal human rights. In particular, liberalism emphasizes individual freedom from both the government and the power of various small and large groups and classes.

How to Write the Thesis for a Philosophy Essay

The role of the controlling force in the essay on philosophy is given to the thesis statement. This is the final sentence of the introduction.

Freedom is a concept that does not have a single definition since this definition depends on the worldview of each person.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for a Philosophy Essay

The body is the central part of the work; it consists of a statement and support, it is necessary to present a convincing argument, provide the necessary evidence and recognize the views of opponents.

The definition of this multi-faceted concept is purely personal. The formation of our consciousness, and consequently, the concept of “freedom” is influenced by the world around us. Freedom is the ability to choose the desired action within a reasonable framework. This is the framework of the state law, as well as its moral, which is formed throughout life under the influence of various factors, life circumstances. These moral restraints are based on upbringing, the traditions of the clan and just a personal understanding of human values and adamant truths. The freedom of man is not unlimited. It borders where the freedom of another person begins, where another great concept of humanism enters into its rights – justice and responsibility towards those who surround us.

Freedom is not permissiveness, it is primarily a responsibility. This is an opportunity to realize your inner potential in the way you want, this is freedom of access to common resources, but not to the detriment of the environment around a person. As Thomas Hobbes said, “A free man is one to whom nothing prevents him from doing what he wants.” This is the concept of a social person, where there are various relationships between people, including relations of subordination or equality.

How to Write the Conclusion for a Philosophy Essay

The conclusion includes the connection of the argument, the repeated formulation of the thesis and the final statement.

Freedom is an idea reflecting this attitude of the subject to his actions, in which he is their determining cause and they are not directly conditioned by natural, social, interpersonal-communicative and individual-generic factors. The problem of freedom is inextricably linked with man. It is possible to say that this is a traditional topic of humanity. People themselves look at the phenomenon of freedom in different ways, so there is no and, there will be no unequivocal answer to the question what is freedom. Some approaches to understanding the nature of freedom come with the mind, others with an open heart. For some, it is a right, for others, it is a burden and responsibility. People also enjoy this freedom in different ways. If in the first sense, freedom leads either to arbitrariness or to a touching compromise between I and the outside world, in the second case, it leads to love and creativity. Having discovered various points of view, my personal definition will be the following. Freedom is the opportunity to realize yourself in the framework of free actions, based on the knowledge of objective necessity.

In conclusion, it should be said that philosophy is a unique discipline that allows the flow of thought to go in different directions. These are controversies, arguments, differences of views and the eternal inability to come to a single result. This is precisely the complexity and charm of this science and academic discipline.

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