How To Write An Admission Essay

It is a dream of any ambitious student to join higher educational institutions. Before entering these organizations, one has to write an admission essay. Well, here we shall talk about an application essay.

What Is an Admission Essay: Purposes of Writing

The statement of purpose is another name of an admission essay. An applicant writes it when seeks to join a higher educational institution. These establishments are a graduate school, a college or an undergraduate institute. Some organizations may request you to write more than one essay.

In other learning organizations, coming up with a personal statement is an option. Even so, the writing topics vary. Some colleges will need you to write on a broad subject. Other educational establishments will give you a specific theme to explore.

A standard application essay needs you to describe issues of interest to you. Besides, these essays must be informative and unique.

The Algorithm of a Great Admission Essay Writing

Now you know what an admission essay is all about. But, you don’t have an idea of how to write a statement of purpose. Like other essays, an application paper has an algorithm. So, to produce excellent writing, you have to follow some steps. Well, we are going to explore, some of the ways of creating a statement of purpose. You will not have a problem understanding them.

Analyze Your Prompt in Detail (Brainstorm)

Before beginning to write an application essay, analyze the question. The intention of examining the prompt is for you to understand what it entails. You may fail to get college admission if you do not provide correct details in your writing. Thus, the need for understanding the requirements of your prompt.

The following are some of the ways you can use to brainstorm and analyze your prompt in detail:

  • Read the question more than once.
  • Reflect on what the question is asking, before trying to come up with its solution.
  • Identify what the essay wants you to achieve. For example, is it a narrative, a descriptive or an expository essay.
  • Write down any ideas you have about the topic.
  • Pick an idea that best answers your essay prompt.
  • Write a thesis statement. It is advisable to use a single sentence when writing this statement.

Organize Your Writing/ Make an Outline

Organize what you want to write about by coming up with an outline. It is a plan for how you are going to write your paper. When organizing your writing, break the essay into various sections. These parts are the introduction, the middle section, and the conclusion. More so, an excellent plan will identify the thesis statement.

Any quality paper will contain this statement. It defines what your essay is all about. Never submit an application essay that does not include this statement. Presenting such kind of papers is a sign of poor writing.

Even so, an outline is useful because it will help you write an essay that flows. You will easily transit from one point to another. Such a transition will make your composition easy to read and coherent.

Besides, when you use an outline as a guide to writing your paper, you will stick to your style of writing. As well, write naturally, and use a friendly tone when writing essays about yourself.

Write Your Admission Essay

Once you are through with developing the plan for your paper, write. At this stage, you are aware of what you want to put in your writing. As well, you have an idea of the approach you intend to take for your admission paper. So, get your computer, and start writing. Come up with a rough draft, then, revise it. While reviewing the draft, always check the outline. Such a procedure will ensure that you do not miss any point.

Some of the things you need to do while coming up with a draft are:

  • Focus on a specific issue or theme.
  • Do not use cliches, but develop your ideas with detailed facts.
  • Be original and use humor where necessary. Also, it would help if you avoid wordiness. While describing an issue, use a few words that are easy to understand.
  • Do not submit a plagiarized, or a recycled academic paper. Such an action is a sure way of not getting an admission.
  • Collect data needed to write your paper. You need to get the information before beginning working on the draft.

Proofread Your Paper

Once you finish the draft, proofread the document. Admission officers will reject essays that contain many grammatical and stylistic errors. It is a sign that the language skills of an applicant are low. You may portray an image of a careless applicant. In case your essay contains many grammatical errors. In such cases, admission officers may not take you seriously. So, proofread your work.

While proofreading your work, read your paper aloud. Such a strategy will help you to identify writing mistakes quickly. Even so, remove any abbreviations or slang languages contained in your essay. These words are not useful in formal writing.

Also, check for consistency in your text. Avoid using different tenses, or mixing up names of places, or objects. As well, you can refreshen your mind, before you recheck your paper. Still, no rule exists on how many times you need to re-check your paper. Do it more than once.

Show Your Essay to Other People

Allow other people to help you proofread your paper. It is not easy to correct your writings. Furthermore, you may fail to notice some mistake. When another person passes through your work, the chances are high they may get new errors. Thus, they will help you to correct them. Show your essay to your friend, a parent or a teacher. Make sure you find their opinion about the quality of the writing.

Finally, you have your essay. Submit your paper without any fear and wait for the feedback. You will get surprised at the score you receive. Your application essay will pass the test.