In B2c Sales The Salesperson Does Not Spend A Great Deal Of Their Time

Chapter 15&16: Connect Questions

the two basic types of merchant wholesalers are:full service wholesalers and limited function wholesalers
what type of wholesalers are independently owned and take title to the goods they handle?merchant
Which of the following statements identifies a key advantage or direct marketing? Direct marketing:is popular with consumers because it is so convenient to shop from home or work
At stockman’s butch shop The butchery will hand cut steak to the thickness their customer specify and trim off the excess fat. this extra service provides —– utilityform
Unlike merchant wholesalers, ————–never actually own the goods they help to distributeagents and brokers
———- may represent several producers in a specific territory, as long as they do not represent competing productsmanufacturer’s agents
Discount stores, supermarkets and department store are all common types of :retail stores
—– combines all the promotional tools employed by a firm into one comprehensive and unified promotional strategyIMC
A review of personal selling process indicates that selling is :a matter of establishing relationships
Chip off the old block is a new chocolate chip cookie created by Arizona cookie company. To generate interest for this product, the company sent a free package of 6 cookies to selected homes along with a 50-cent coupon. Arizona cookie’s activity represents:sales promotion
One way to see that publicity is handled well by the media is to :establish a friendly relationship with media representatives
Woodson productions gives young people adults free tickets to concerts it promotes if they agree to go into an Internet chat room and share their positive experience with others. The free tickets Woodson provides represents:swag
In B2C sales the salesperson does not spend a great deal of their time:qualifying
The total annual expenditures on advertising in the US is very close to$300 billion dollars