In The Seventeenth Century, In The Netherlands, The Major Patrons Of Paintings Were

Chapter 16/17

kraterthe vessels handled shape used for mixing ceremonial beverages
classical artemphasizes rational simplicity, order and restrained emotion
Venus De Medicithis figure represents feminine ideal and influenced many works
Roman copy of a Hellenistic workLacoon Group
Roman Culture affected1) system of law and government
2) calendar
3) festivals
4) religion
5) languages
catacombsunderground burial chambers
Byzantine Art
featured imaginative stone carvings that are an intergral part of the architectureRomanesque Churches
Romanesquea style of European architecture from the 9th to the 12th centuries with round arches and barrel vaults
Gothica style in Western Europe characterized by pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses
basilicaRoman town hall with 3 aisles and an apse at one or both ends. Christians used this form for their churches.
Humanismphilisophical, literary, and artistic movement
Giotto Di Bondone “Lamentation”portrayed feelings and physical nature of human beings. his innovative depictions of light, space, and mass, gave a new sense of realism.
genre paintingsdepict everday life
Baroque17th century period in Europe characterized in the visual arts by dramatic light and shade, turbulent composition, and pronounced emotional expression
Renaissancea renewed interest in human-centered classical art, literature, and learning
Rococoa style used in interior decoration and painting in france and southern germany using small scale, oranate decoration, pastel colors, asymmetrical curves
ForeshorteningIn The Conversion of Saint Paul, Caravaggio created drama though the high contrast of lights and dark and the use of extreme
Counter- ReformationMany Baroque characteristics developed as propaganda for the
Roman CulturePortrait Head of an Old Man is an example of
the ParthenonWhich building was designed to honor the goddess of wisdom and prudent warfare?
Notre-Dame de ChartreWhich of these structures is Gothic?
IrelandThe meeting of decorative nomadic style and Christianity can be seen most clearly in illustrated books from
over the central doorwayThe first large sculptures since Roman times can be found in what part of Romanesque churches?
CaravaggioIn her painting Judith and the Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, Artemisia Gentileschi demonstrates the close influence of
FertilityIn Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait, the woman is wearing a green dress to symbolize
nude classical goddessThe influence of Neoplatonism would be most likely when, in a painting, a Renaissance artist highlights a
stained glassOne feature that set Gothic architecture apart from Romanesque was the extensive use of
government buildingsThe first Christian churches were patterned after basilicas that were used by the Romans as
The wealthy merchant classIn the seventeenth century, in the Netherlands, the major patrons of paintings were
the French court and aristocracyWith its decorative and sensual qualities, the Rococo style was particularly suited to the extravagant and often frivolous life of
Linear PerspectiveMasaccio’s The Holy Trinity fresco is considered to be the first painting based on the systematic use of
Greek SculptureMichelangelo’s David has a naturalistic pose, set in contrapposto, demonstrating the influence of