Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle Led What Action In 1942

5.03 Two Wars Exam – U.S. History

Why did many of the first island hopping battles in 1942 take place in the Solomon Islands?Controlling the Solomon islands would protect Australia
Which battle took place mainly on land?Battle of Okinawa
Which island was considered a stepping stone for an invasion of the Japanese mainland?Iwo Jima
Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle led what action in 1942?air attacks on Tokyo
Which battle convinced Allied leaders that an invasion of the Japanese mainland might be too costly in human lives?Okinawa
Kamikaze is the name given to which of the following?Japanese suicide pilots
Which of the following pushed the United States into entering World War II in the Pacific?the bombing of Pearl Harbor
Which of the following did troops face in the Pacific Theater that they did not face in the European Theater?malaria
After the victory in the Battle of Guadalcanal, which of the following strategy was put in place by the Allies?island-hopping
This photo shows which major difference between the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific?Combat in the Pacific occurred in tropical locations.