My Dream Job (Essay Sample)

My Dream Job

People teach their children from the early years that work is the engine of progress. I totally agree with this and also think that if I need to do something for the whole life, it should be the thing which gives me a lot of pleasure, and I will be happy to do it every day. That is why when I first time have seen how my mum’s sister make interior design, I understood it is my dream career. I want to tell you more about this profession and explain why I want to do that in my life it so much.

The designing of something new is the creative process. Especially if you have an opportunity to combine old and new things in the one concept. And the interior design is all about these combinations in different types of buildings – from small apartments to the best hotels and restaurants. There are lots of things to plan here: the lighting, furniture placement, textures on different surfaces, combining of color pallets and also implementing new technologies.

I am a very creative person, and I draw a lot from my childhood. I like to redraw furniture and place it in the imaginary room on the paper. As I got older, my parents presented me a computer, and I have downloaded a special program, which helped me to create drafts in an electronic way. It simplified the way how I combined the furniture and gave an opportunity to generate more and more variations. I was watching a lot of videos about how other people do the same process, and through every day learnings and training I got enough knowledge and experience to pass the special exams and got to the college of art.

There is also one more reason to become an interior designer. I love to work with other people, and I want to implement in life things which will make them feel comfortable and cozy. And I want to share to the world a concept of minimalism in design and how it is functional in the daily life. It gives the space to create, and you don’t need to have a bunch of things, which you will use once. The minimalism is not only the style, but it is also how your brain works and how you effectively and efficiently use what you have. That’s why I want to share it to the world and help people stop wasting money and time. One more thing which I like about this profession is that you can work from any place in the world and you only need the computer for that.

All in all, I need to say that the designer of the interior is not only the dreamy job, but it is also the world full of opportunities and the way how I can share my thoughts to other people, which is crucial for me as a person. This employment will also make me happy and free to travel all around the world.


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