Racism Still Exists (Essay Sample)

Racism Still Exists

Some things will remain with us forever. Good and evil are timeless, and we can not expect an improvement in people’s cognition that would make a difference in this sometimes cruel world. Sadly racism will never die because of the whole racial principle that divides people by their skin color and ethnicity. “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” The world would be a much kinder place if people got this clear and genius message.

Human beings create all the problems we have. Arrogant and ignorant people who are able to get that low usually have a superiority complex. It makes them think that on the basis of one of their qualities they are entitled to put down people who were historically abused. It’s a nasty habit that was passed on from one generation to another by example, as kids followed the footsteps of their parents. Racism exists because it has a very powerful effect on its victims, and it is able to hurt the feelings. Media hypes racial issues to generate more attention to this issue, causing a secondary effect by giving slurs a spotlight.

Would there be less racially grounded taunts and abuse if the situations weren’t causing so much stir in the pot? It’s disputable. By covering certain situations mass and social media cultivate the ground for the additional development of misbehavior to make money out of the misery of its victims. By giving abusers that much attention they make those actions weight more and hurt more. It doesn’t mean that the problem should be ignored, but one of the biggest reasons the problem will never cease to exist is because some sides will always profit from it. When men and women say stupid things they are often ignored and dismissed, as their opinions don’t contribute anything meaningful. Possibly one way to make the problem less apparent is to tune down our reactions? In school, people can’t fight back against bullies and they are told to ignore the provocations and “rise above hate.” Shouldn’t the same logic apply to racism?

It is a form of bullying, plain and simple. Bullying should be punished accordingly, but as it is in school, no teacher would give the problem much thought and would prefer to ignore the tensions. In some scenarios, teachers can be unaware of the fact that something that horrible is really happening because provocateurs are very skillful in hiding their actions and wearing the “masks.” They will not stop using slurs or offenses if they go unpunished. They will do it even more regularly if it is encouraged by the society, or the circle that means more to the victimizer. They are insecure and they look for some kind of reaction to prove that they have at least a little bit of power, they are aware of ways to make you feel worthless. The best advice would be to ignore racist people and fight the racial problems, as people use racist remark to protect their own significance. Don’t give them the privilege to feel superior, you should realize that those words are not true.

Let the haters boil from their own anger and surround yourself with positive people who will respect your identity. “Racism is still with us, but it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.” To tackle the issue, you have to lead by example. Concentrate on becoming the best person you can possibly be and inspire others to join you in your thinking. Life is too short for fights with stupid people, you will have a much nicer life if you surround yourself with kind, loving and brilliant folks.


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