Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid (Essay Sample)

Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

In this essay, we will try to figure out whether it is worth to reward sportsmen financially. Rather, we want to prove that these students deserve to be paid for this hard work. Should this be as a material motivation for the guys or is it a kind of salary for the work done.

Athlete schedule

The order of the day of the athlete is not very similar to the usual day of the average person. It is difficult to imagine how they all fit in 24 hours. The working day for them begins as yet everyone is asleep and ends when everyone has already gone to bed.

In order to have time to bring yourself in shape before the start of classes, the athlete must get up at dawn and do the necessary exercises. Then there is a breakfast, and for the one who is engaged in sports, a food is a very important moment and it can not be missed. To study it is necessary to proceed to 8/9 in the morning, depending on the schedule, and it is necessary to hurry up, not to be late. Before starting practical classes, they have classes in the classroom with a break for lunch.

Practice can be different, it can consist in viewing a training film or playing in a sports field. Whatever one may say, the student is serving a full ten-hour working day.

Well, it sounds very hard, but in practice, it is a hundred times heavier. Thus, it would be nice if students received financial compensation for all the time that they paid sports duties.

Gaps in education

Due to the fact that athletes have a huge number of tournaments, this adversely affects their knowledge. Strong training, excitement, the days of the tournament – where can we find time to go to classes?

It is very unpleasant when you are the winner, the champion, the best of the best, but you do not understand trivial things and read at the level of children from the lower grades.

All this leads to the fact that such large loads should be eliminated and the student must receive the necessary knowledge at the level with his one-year students.

Cash Cows

It is difficult to imagine what flows of money revolve around such sporting events. Football, basketball – games collect huge stadiums and the unreal number of people pay to watch the game. Where then does this money go? Why can college athletes not deserve compensation for his labors?

The student puts on a maximum to show the best result to finally get zero. Do not you think that this is not fair and so it should not be?

For work, it is necessary to pay

When we go to work, we mean that we will be paid for the work done by us. What is the difference between a sportsman and anan> ordinary worker? He also works for some time and provides results. In response to this question, they allude to the fact that a sportsman is a student and he is eligible to receive a scholarship, but not a salary. But does an ordinary student risk their health and education? The athlete is exposed to a lot of risks and deserves to be compensated.

It is possible to give still a lot of facts that will show that material reward for college athletes is an indispensable condition. We sincerely believe that in time this will gain mass and will pay attention to this.