Repetitive Pharyngeal Collapse Leading To Absence Of Breathing Is Called

Chapter 5: Respiratory System

What is the synonym for throat?Pharynx
What carries air from the trachea to the lung?Bronchi
The partition separating the right and left cavities of the nose is the :nasal septum
Both air and food travel though the:pharynx
The lymphoid tissue is located behind the nasal cavity is called:adenoids
The area in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged is the :alveoli
The space between the lungs is themediastinum
Lymphoid tissue located behind the mouth is called the :tonsils
The vocal cords are located in the:larynx
The muscular partition between the thoracic and abdominal cavities is the:diaphragm
The combining form rhin/o refers to thenose
The combining form that means chest isthorac/o
The combining form that means lung ispulmon/o
The combining form orth/o is defined asstraight
The combining form that means breath, breathing isspir/o
The prefix that means all, total ispan-
The prefix the means without, absence of isa-, an-
The suffix that means pain isalgia
The suffix -ary is defined aspertaining to
The suffix that means an instrument used for visual examination is-scope
The suffix -stomy is defined ascreation of an artificial opening
The suffix that means a surgical puncture to aspirate fluid is-centesis
The suffix -rrhagia is defined as arapid flow of blood
The suffix that mens pertaining to is-ar, -ary, -eal
The suffix that means stretching out, dilation, or expansion is-ectasis
A patient admitted with an inflammation of the larynx , trachea, and bronchi also could be said to havelaryngotracheobronchitis (croup)
Pus in the chest (pleural space) is known as:pyothorax
A patient with blood in the chest (pleural space) has ahemothorax
The term that means dilation of the bronchi isbronchiectasis
A cancerous tumor originating in the bronchus could bebronchogenic carcinoma
The term that means inflammation of the throat ispharyngitis
The term that means narrowing of the trachea istracheostenosis
Air in the chest (pleural space) causing collapse of the lung is calledpneumothorax
Inflammation of the nose is called:rhinitis
The term bronchopneumonia is built from :WR/CV/WR/S
Another term for rhinorrhagia isepistaxis
A respiratory disease characterized by paroxysm of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath is calledasthma
Stretching of lung tissue cause by alveoli becoming distended and losing elasticity occur inemphysema
An upper respiratory infection affects the :nasal cavity , pharynx, or larynx
Whooping cough is also called:pertussis
Another term for nosebleed isepistaxis
Accumulation of fluid in the alveoli and bronchioles is calledpulmonary edema
Repetitive pharyngeal collapse leading to absence of breathing is calledObstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Valley fever, a fungal disease affecting the lungs, is also called:coccidioidomycosis
An excision of a lobe (of the lung) is calledlobectomy
A term that means the surgical repair of the larynx is calledlaryngoplasty
The term thoracotomy is defined asincision into the chest cavity
The term that means a surgical puncture of the chest cavity to aspirate fluid isthoracocentesis
An incision of the trachea is calledtracheotomy
An instrument used to measure carbon dioxide (levels in expired gas) is calledoximeter
A visual examination of the larynx is performed with alaryngoscopy
Levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood are tested by:arterial blood gases
What disease is an acid-fast bacilli smear used for diagnosis?Tuberculosis
The term hypoxia is defined as deficiency inoxygen (to the tissue)
The term that means able to breathe more easily in a upright position isorthopnea
The term that means nasal discharge isrhinorrhea
The term that means absence of voice isaphonia
The term that means difficult breathing isdyspnea
The term hypoxemia is defined ascondition of deficient oxygen in the blood
The term tachypnea is builtprefix/suffix/wordroot
The term pulmonology is defined asstudy of lungs
A mucopurulent discharge containboth mucus and pus
A device that creates a mist is called anebulixer
A term that means periodic or sudden attackparoxysm
A bronchodilator is an agent that causesbronchi to widen
Another term that means suffocation isasphyxia
A term that means the ventilation of the lungs does not fulfill the body’s gas exchange needs ishypoventilation
Cough is defined assudden, noisy explusion of air from lungs
A patent airway isopen
The term that means to draw foreign material into the respiratory tract isaspirate
What is the abbreviation for the procedure used to evaluate the heart and lungs?CXR
What is the abbreviation for respiratory failure in an adult as a result of disease or injury?ARBS
What is the abbreviation for an infection disease caused by acid-fast bacillus that usually affects the lungs?TB
The accident victim’s ____, or blood in the chest cavity, was caused by blunt trauma.hemothorax
Because of the near drowning, the young man experienced a temporary absence of oxygen, calledanoxia
The factory worker was diagnosed with _____, an abnormal condition of dust in the lungs.pneumoconiosis
The physician informed the patient that a heart attack was not the cause of the ______, or chest pain.Thoracalgia
Following surgery, that patient developed a _______,, or a block in the circulation to the pulmonary artery.pulmonary embolism
To establish an airway for a patient chocking on a piece of meat, a ____ was performed.Tracheotomy
The patient was experiencing apnea during sleep caused by repetitive pharyngeal collapse ________ was used to diagnose her condition as OSA.PSG