Select The Most Correct Statement Concerning Skin Cancer.

Chapter Four Test

In the ABCD rule of skin cancer, the letter B stands for:Border
Although you get wet while swimming, a tough protein within the skin prevents it from soaking up moisture like a sponge. This substance is:Keratin
Which of the following is an indication that you may have melanoma: A pigmented spot that has smooth borders; a spot on the skin that is smaller than the size of a pencil eraser; a symmetrical mole; a pigmented spot that contains areas of different colorsA pigmented spot that contains areas of different color
Select the most correct statement concerning skin cancer: melanomas are the most rare and most dangerous type of skin cancer; most cancers of the skin are very malignant; squamous cell carcinomas are cancer of the stratum basale cells; Basal cell carcinomas are the most malignantMelanomas are the most rare and most dangerous type of skin cancer
The type of seat gland that begins to function at puberty and causes a smell due to bacteria is the:Apocrine
The skin and its derivatives (nails, glands, and hairs) form the:integumentary system
Identify the layer of the skin that contains most of the sensory receptors:Dermis
Which tissue layer helps maintain temperature and is composed of fat cells?hypodermis
A doctor estimates the area damaged in severely burned patient by:using the “rule of nines”
Which layer of the integument is found superficial to the dermis?Epidermis
Which is the most abundant and widespread type of sweat gland?Eccrine
The type of burn in which the epidermis and part of the dermis are damaged is ___________ degreesecond
Nails are composed of:Keratin
“Goose bumps” on the skin are due to action of the:Arrector pili muscles
Which layer of the integument is found deep to the dermis?Hypodermis
When a blister forms due to friction, liquid pools between the epidermis and what other layer of the integument?dermis
The “tanning” effect that occurs when a person is exposed to the sun is due to:melanin
in the thick skin of the palms, the layer of the epidermis directly deep to the stratum corneum is the stratum _________lucidum
Which layer of the integument contain the stratum basal?epidermis
The single most important risk for skin cancer is ___________Overexposure to UV radiation
What is the first threat to life from a massive third-degree burn:dehydration
Finger-like upward projections of the dermis into the epidermis are called: Hair bulbs; pacinian corpuscles; dermal papillae; hair folliclesDermal papillae
Pimples begin: as tiny cuts and nicks in the skin; when sebaceous glands become blocked by sebum; as localized infections in the hypodermic; when bacteria enter sweat poreswhen sebaceous glands become blocked by sebum
Which layer of the epidermis is completely dead and douses dust in your home?Stratum Corneum
The two main layers of skin are:Epidermis and dermis
The type of skin cancer that is most common and has the lowest metastasis rate is:basal cell carcinoma
A splinter penetrated into the skin of the sole of the foot, almost to the papillary region of the dermis. Which layer of the epidermis would be that final layer injured?Basale
Which of the following abnormal skin colors results from liver disorders: Bruising; blushing; jaundice; cyanosisJaundice
Melanocytes are found in the:Stratum basale
The black part of a blackhead is: Dirt; Oxidized sebum; a growing hair stub; excreted carbonoxidized sebum
The type of skin cancer that arises from keratinocytes of the stratum spinosum is:Squamous cell carcinoma
The outermost layer of skin is called:The epidermis
Sebum is responsible for all of the following except: Lubricates hair; body temperature regulation; keeps the skin soft and moist; causes pimplesBody temperature regulation
A needle would pierce the epidermal layers of the forearm in which order:
1. Stratum basale 2. stratum corneum 3. stratum granulosum 4. stratum lucidum 5. stratum spinosum
2, 3, 5, 1
The secretion of sweat is stimulated: by hormones, especially male sex hormones; as a protective coating when one is swimming; by high temperatures; both by high temperatures and by hormonesboth by high temperatures and by hormones
Cancer of melanocytes:Malignant melanoma
Cancer of stratum spinosum cells:Squamous cell carcinoma
burn in which only the epidermis becomes red and swollen:First degree burn
Malignancy of the lowest epidermal layer:Basal call carcinoma