Solar Energy Is Also Known As ________.

Chapter 4 Physical Geography

Most of the radiation incident upon the earth falls within the what part of the spectrum?Shortwave
The Sun’s radiant energy reaches the earth across space in approximately?8 mins
The phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering is most closely associated with which visible
electromagnetic wavelengths?
Which of the following is the most prolific producer of carbon dioxide?Burning of fossil fuels
Cooling of air expansion is calledAdiabatic process
Which wavelengths are most poorly transmitted through the atmosphere?Longwaves
Which substance is the best transmitter of solar energy?Air
The higher latitudes receive much less intense insolation than tropical zones because of?Sun’s angle of incidence
Heat transferred laterally in the atmosphere by horizontal wind movements is a process calledAdvection
In the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light occupies the band between 0.4 and 0.7Micrometers
What objects radiate in shorter wavelengths than what objectsHot and Cold
The solar energy reaching Earth travels a distance of what million kilometers?150
The only major country still using the Fahrenheit scale for temperature determination isUSA
The Earth as a body has a yearly net loss of energy at the top of the atmosphere north of
________ degrees north latitude.
A(n) ________ emits the maximum amount of radiation possible, at every wavelength, for its
Blackbody Radiator
Earth’s reradiation to space consists mainly of ________ raysLongwave
The specific heat of water is greater than that of land. This meansWater cools more slowly than it does on land
At 0 KelvinsMolecular motion stops
Adiabatic processes cause cooling by?Decompression
Advection is what type of wind movement?Horizontal
Amount of the total insolation absorbed by the earth is equal to the amount of radiation going
back to the atmosphere is due to.
Law of conservation of energy
For the most part the atmosphere is heated directly from theEarth’s surface
A temperature inversion is mainly an inversion of theNormal lapse rate
Which of the following is a “greenhouse gas” (natural or human-induced)?Carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons
Albedo is energy ________ from an object as compared to the original amount of energy that
struck the object.
At which locations is solar energy most concentrated?At places where the angle of incidence is 90 degrees
The MAIN source of atmosphere heating is from theReradiation of energy from the Earth
Solar energy is also known asInsolation
The basic direction of flow of the Equatorial counter current isTo the east
On the equatorward side of each subtropical gyre is found theequatorial current
The reddish tint of the Sun at sunset results from ________.Scattering
True or FalseTrue or False
The horizontal movement of clouds in the atmosphere is advection.True
The general circulation of the oceans is a major mechanism for the transfer of energy from the
Tropics to the Poles.
The Celsius degree is the same size as a Kelvin but 0° Celsius is much warmer than 0 K.True
Ultraviolet energy is the name for electromagnetic wavelengths measuring from 10 to 15
Ocean gyres rotate clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the
Southern Hemisphere.
Over the long run, all energy the Earth receives from the Sun is returned to spaceTrue
Coriolis effect sets ocean currents in motion.False
Convection is more efficient in a liquid as compared to a solid.True
Solar radiation striking Earth’s surface is characterized as “longwave”.False
The distance of passage of a solar beam through the atmosphere is determined by the angle
of incidence.
Conduction comes about through molecular collision.True
Evidence clearly suggests global warming is taking place.True
In a continental climate one would expect higher winter temperatures than in a maritime
Convection is associated with vertical air movements.True
Summer temperatures are generally higher over continents than over oceansTrue
The position of the major oceanic gyres is caused by the major atmosphericTrue
Albedo is the same phenomenon as advection.False
Air is an excellent conductor of heat.False
High angle solar energy will traverse a shorter course through the atmosphere than low angle
solar energy.