The Belief That One Can Master A Situation And Produce Favorable Outcomes Is Called

Chapter 10 Developmental Psychology

_____ is at work in perspective taking.Executive Functioning
During the elementary years, a child’s self-understanding includes increasing reference to all of the following EXCEPT:Physical Characteristics
In terms of _____ behavior, taking another’s perspective improves children’s likelihood of understanding and sympathizing with others when they are distressed or in needProsocial
Self-control refers to global evaluations of the self.False: Self-esteem
The correlation between self-esteem and school performance is _________.Moderate
The belief that one can master a situation and produce favorable outcomes is called _____.Self-Efficancy
Julio, 12, cannot get his science project to work. In fact, it seems to him that nothing he makes ever works properly. According to Erik Erikson, Julio is at risk for developing a sense of:Inferiority
Lawrence Kohlberg studied moral development by presenting children with a series of stories in which characters face moral dilemmas.True
When faced with a conflict between law and conscience, a person who is at the _____ stage in Kohlberg’s theory of moral development will follow conscience, even though the decision might involve personal risk.Universal Ethical Principles
According to Carol Gilligan, Kohlberg’s theory puts _____ at the heart of morality.Justice