The Best Way To Determine An Organization’s Shared Assumptions Is To

202 Chapter 13 Quiz

One advantage of countercultures is that they:maintain surveillance over and critically review the company’s dominant culture.
_____ is the third stage of organizational socialization that is most active as employees make the transition from newcomers to insiders.Role management
Which of the following organizational culture dimensions is characterized by risk taking and low cautiousness?Innovation
Language is:verbal symbols of cultural values that reveal how employees describe customers, express anger, and greet stakeholders.
One of the functions of _____ is that it is a spawning ground for emerging values that keep the firm aligned with the needs of customers, suppliers, society, and other stakeholders.a subculture
In the context of elements of organizational culture, which of the following falls under shared assumptions?Mental models
Which of the following is a characteristic of an adaptive corporate culture?Employees continuously question past practices.
Which of the following is an artifact?Language
Which of the following statements is true about organizations with strong culture?Most employees across all subunits understand and embrace the dominant culture.
Which of the following is true about mental models?Mental models can blind employees to new opportunities and unique problems.
Which of the following is a disadvantage of the integration strategy?It is usually slow and potentially risky due to many forces preserving the existing culture.
Organizations with an adaptive corporate culture:have employees who see things from an open-systems perspective.
Bark Inc. and Happy Toys Ltd.
Bark Inc. and Happy Toys Ltd. are considering a merger and are worried that their two organizational cultures will clash. They perform a detailed diagnosis by collecting and analyzing data about the employees of the two companies. They identify several overlapping values, which they feel can be combined into a cohesive new culture.
This process is known as:
a bicultural audit.
Whenever a team in Ads Today, an advertising firm, wins a new contract, the successful team rings a loud bell and breaks out a bottle of champagne. In organizational culture, this practice would be considered:a ceremony.
Which of the following are the observable indicators of organizational culture?Artifacts
The best way to determine an organization’s shared assumptions is to:determine the organization’s enacted values.
Which of the following is true about socialization agents?Socialization agents help integrate new employees into the team.
Which of the following statements is true about realistic job interviews?It reduces the possibilities of reality shock.
One of the first steps to minimize a cultural clash in a merger is to:conduct a bicultural audit.
Which of the following is true about organizational culture?The strength of an organization’s culture refers to how widely and deeply employees hold the company’s dominant values and assumptions.
A deculturation strategy of merging two corporate cultures should be applied:when the acquired firm’s culture doesn’t work.
_____ are unconscious, taken-for-granted perceptions or ideal prototypes of behavior that are considered the correct way to think and act toward problems and opportunities.Shared assumptions
During which of the following stages of socialization do people first learn about the organization and job?Preemployment
Organizational socialization is best described as a process of _____ where newcomers try to make sense of and adapt to the company’s environment.learning and adjustment
_____ occurs when employees at the acquired company willingly embrace the cultural values of the acquiring organization.Assimilation
Organizations that tolerate or encourage subcultures with dissenting values:allow a space for constructive conflict.
In the context of organizational socialization, the adjustment process is better for:newcomers with diverse work experience.
In the organizational socialization process, which stage follows encounter?The role-management stage
After his appointment and before joining Coratech Inc., James was paired with a senior employee, Paul. Paul was the source of vital information for James; he also guided him about the organizational entry process. In this scenario, Paul acts as a(n) _____.socialization agent
Which of the following organizational culture dimension is characterized by competitiveness and a low emphasis on social responsibility?Aggressiveness
Which of the following is a verbal symbol of cultural values?Expressions of anger
The organizational culture dimension of attention to detail is characterized by _____.precision