The Data Components Of A Class That Belong To Every Instantiated Object Are The Class’S ____.

CISP 10-Chapter 7-12 Final Exam Review

1. The ability to use methods without knowing the details of their contents is a feature of _______.Encapsulation
Object-oriented programmers usually specify that their data fields will have _______ access.Private
The data components of a class that belong to every instantiated object are the class’s _______ variablesInstance
Object attributes are often called _______ to help distinguish them from other variables you might use.Fields
The purpose of set methods is to set the values of data fields within the classTrue
A _______ is a term that describes objects with common attributes.Class
_______ is the concept that other classes should not alter an object’s attributes-only the methods of an object’s own class should have that privilege.Information hiding
The set of all the values or contents of a class object’s instance variables is also known as its ______State
When using ________, you can develop new classes more quickly by extending existing classes that already work.Inheritance
With object-oriented programming, once you create an object, you can develop new objects that possess all the traits of the original object, plus any new traits you desire.True
A this reference is an automatically created variable that holds the address of an object and passes it to an instance method whenever the method is called.True
A(n) ______ is one instance of a class.Object
A program or class that instantiates objects of another prewritten class is a class client or _______Class user
A program or class that instantiates methods of another prewritten class is a class client or class user.False
Creating multiple methods with the same name, which will act differently and appropriately when used with different types of objects, is known as polymorphism.True
______ is the process of acquiring the traits of one’s predecessorsInheritance
A _______ reference is an automatically created variable that holds the address of an object and passes it to an instance method whenever the method is calledThis
With will-written methods that belong to classes you use, you need not understand how they work internally to be able to use them. Will be like if any objects are evenTrue
Everything is an object, and every object is a member of a _____.Class
A(n) _____ is just an abstract description of what an object will be like if any objects are ever actually instantiated.Class
A ______ is an environment in which you can create programs by dragging components such as buttons and labels onto a screen and arranging them visuallyVisual development environment
A class diagram consists of a ______ divided into three sections.Rectangle
The relationship created when using a class object within another class object is also called a(n) ____ relationshipHas-a
A(n) ____ method operates appropriately for such separate instance of a class.Instance
Class diagrams are a type of _____ diagram.Unified Modeling Language
A(n) _______ is the adjective that defines the type of access that outside classes will have to the attribute or method.Access specifier
In addition to their attributes, class objects have methods associated with them, and every object that is an instance of a class possesses that same methods.True
Using a class object within another class object is known as _______Composition
A class can contain another class’s objects as data members.True
Programmers often use a ________ to illustrate class features or to help plan them.Class diagram
When you think in an object-oriented manner, everything is an object, and every object is a member of a method.False
In class diagrams, a ________ sign precedes the items that are private.Minus
Declaring a class creates actual objects.False
A _______ is a set of programs statements that tells you the characteristics of the class’s objects and the methods that can be applied to its objects.Class definition
The concept of a class is useful because of its ______Reusability
______ is the process of creating a new, derived class from a base class.Inheritance
A child class contains all the data fields and _________ of its parent.Methods
When declaring a destructor, which character is used?Tilde
A destructor contains the actions you require when an instance of a class is destroyed.True
A class’s _________ constructor is automatically supplied.Default
An _______ child class method contains the same name and parameters as the parent class method.Overridden
A(n) ______ is a method that establishes an object, reserving enough memory for it and providing its name.Constructor
A subclass constructor can pass _____ or parameters to its parent constructorConstants
A superclass member that is not hidden is invisible in the derived class.False
When a data field is private, it is said to be _______ to any class other than the one in which it is defined.Inaccessible
What is the name of the access modifier that gives child classes access to the parent class’s data fields?Protected
The type of polymorphism that applies specifically to objects of the same parent class is sometimes called _______ polymorphism.Subtype
A constructor may require ______.Parameters
You can write as many constructors for a class as you want, as long as they all have different _____ lists.Parameter
When a superclass contains only constructors that require arguments, you must include at least ____ constructor(s) for each subclass you create.One
A(n) ________ cannot be overloaded.Destructor
If a class’s on constructor requires an argument, you must provide an argument for every object of the class you create.True
A(n) ___________ constructor is one that requires no arguments.Default
Methods that are inherited from a parent class can be overridden.True
A superclass is the same thing as a derived class.False
What is accomplished when you assign a derived class object to an object of any of its superclass types?Implicit conversion
Ever derived class “_______” specific instance of the base class and the derived class.Is a
Derived classes usually have fields and methods that are more _____ than those of their parent classes.Specialized
When you create any subclass object, the ________ constructor executes.Superclass, subclass
All default constructors are automatically supplied.False
A destructor cannot execute unless it is explicitly called from a program.False
One way to give a child class access to a private data field in a parent class is to make the data field public in the parent classTrue
In a class diagram, what symbol is used for the protected access modifier?Pound sign
When a superclass requires parameters upon instantiation, even if you have no other reason to create a(n) ______, you must write one so it can call its superclass’s constructor.Subclass constructor
Using inheritance saves time since you do not need to recreate a class’s methods and data fields.False
Code that has been used and tested is said to be ______.Reliable
An ______ child class method has the same name and different parameter list as the parent class method.Overloaded
When you instantiate an object that is a member of a class, you are actually calling a constructor method.True
An instance method or constructor may be overloaded by providing the same name and ______ argument list.A different
In some programming languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, and Java, every class you create is a child of one ultimate base class, often called the ______ class.Object
GUI components are often referred to as _______.Widgets
In the early days of computing, interaction with a computer operating system was difficult because the user had to know the exact syntax to use when typing commands, and to spell and type those commands accurately.True
When creating a program that will use a GUI, the interface should be natural and predictable.True
An example of a code error that can occur in multithreading is _____.Starvation
An object that is “interested in” an event you want it to respond to is a(n) ______.Listener
A single CPU can perform two tasks in the same instant.False
If your interface is _____, people are more likely to use it.Attractive
GUI programmers sometimes refer to screen space as _____.Real estate
Within an event-driven program, a component from which an event is generated is the ______ of the event.Source
A(n) _______ is one of the tiny dots of light that form a grid on your screenPixel
A(n) _______ shows the relationship between screens in an interactive GUI program.Interactivity diagram
It is often helpful to allow users to _______.Revert to default settings
With procedure-driven programs, the user might initiate any number of events in any order.False
A(n) ______ is a list of the objects used in a program, including which screens they are used on and whether any code, or script, is associated with them.Object dictionary
In an event-driven program, you design the screens, define the objects, and define how the screens will correct.True
You create computer animation using a sequence of _______.Images
The computer’s ______ is the software that you use to run a computer and manage its resources.Operating system
Any component you place on the screen has a horizontal, or _______ position.X-axis
Computer users today typically learn new commands for each GUI interface they use.False
The screen design issues that make programs easier to use for people with physical limitations are known as _______ issues.Accessibility
When you program with event-driven languages, the emphasis is on the objects that the user can manipulate, such as buttons and menus, and on the events that the user can initiate with those objects, such as clicking or double-clicking.True
A ______ class contains methods that allow you to set physical properties, such as height and width.Container
You place figures on a graphical screen based on a graphing _______ system.Coordinate
Performing an operation on an icon causes a(n) _______ which is an occurrence that generates a message sent to an object.Event
A _______ represents a picture or sketch of a screen the user will see when running a program.Storyboard
You use ____ to improve the performance of your programs.Multithreading
For today’s computer users, operating system software allows use of a mouse to select pictures, or ______ on the screen.Icons
When a computer contains a single central processing unit (CPU), it can execute ______ computer instruction(s) at a time.One
When you program in a language that supports event-driven logic, you must create the GUI components you need from scratch.False
In a(n) _____ program, each step occurs in the order the programmer determines.Procedural
A button that a user can click to cause some action is an example of a source.True
From the 1950s through the 1980s, almost all interactive dialogues between people and computers took place at the ______.Command prompt
A ________ is the flow of execution of one set of program statements.Thread
When you create a segment of code in which something might go wrong, you place the code in an error block.False
A catch block has no return type and _______ be called directlyCannot
To create your own throwable Exception, you usually extend a built-in __________ class.Exception
When a program throws an exception, you always have to deal with it.False
When illegal division by 0 takes place, an exception object is not created automatically by the object-oriented language application.False
An ______ indicates exception types that might be thrown in the method header.Exception specification clause
You can create your own exceptions.True
Many well-designed programs that try code do not include any catch blocks; instead, they contain only _________.Try-finally pairs
______ is thrown when an object reference does not correctly refer to a created object.NullReferenceException
______ is thrown when you attempt to store an object that is the wrong data type in an array.ArrayOutOfRangeException
A(n) _____ is an unexpected or error condition that occurs while a program is running.Exception
Methods are flexible partly because they are ______.Reusable
A catch block consists of four different elements: the key catch, followed by parentheses that contain an exception type and identifier, statements that take action to handle the error condition, an endcatch statement, and a return statement.False
Dividing by 0 is an error in every programming language because it is an operation that is not defined mathematically.True
Exceptions can be particularly useful when you throw them from ______, which do not have a return type, so they have no other way to send information back to the calling method.Constructors
The memory location known as the _____ is where the computer stores the list of method locations to which the system must returnCall stack
When a method in an object-oriented program causes an exception, such as dividing by 0, the method _______.Throws the exception
In Java, an ArithmeticException is a type of _______.Exception
A(n) _________ statement indicates the end of the catch block in the pseudocode.Endcatch
The ____ block is used when the program uses data files that must be closed.Finally
A ______ is one that sends an exception object of a method so it can be handled elsewhere.Throw statement
__________ statement are program statements that can never execute under any circumstances.Unreachable code
Probably the most often used error-handling solution before object-oriented programming was to make a decision before working with a potentially error-causing value.True
Using a traditional error-handling method to avoid dividing by 0 prevents the error and makes the method more flexible.False
_______ is thrown when an arithmetic operation produces a result for which the value is greater than the assigned memory location can accommodate.OverFlowException
A system of passing exceptions through the chain of calling methods has great advantages because it allows methods to handle exceptions whenever the programmer has decided it is most appropriate.True
By inheriting from the Exception class, you gain access to methods contained in the _______.Parent class
When appropriate, specialized _______ classes provide an elegant way for you to handle error situations.Exception
If method A calls method B and method B throws an exception, which method will catch the exception, assuming all methods have a catch block?Method B
You can only place one statement within each try block.False
The object-oriented techniques to manage errors, such as dividing a value by 0, comprise the group of methods known as ______.Exception handling
In object-oriented terminology, you ” _______” a segment of code that might cause an error.Try
When you create an exception, it is conventional to end its name with ______.Exception
The block of code that processes an error in exception handling ” ________.”Catches the exception
A ________ is a segment of code that can handle an exception that might be thrown by the try block that preceded it.Catch block
As with flowcharts, pseudocode, hierarchy charts, and class diagrams, the UML has its own notation that consists of a set of specialized shapes and conventions.True
__________ emphasize what happens in a system.Behavior diagrams
The actual use cases in a use case diagram are represented by __________.Ovals
The UML is a modeling language as well as a programming language.False
System analysis sometimes _______ an existing system to get a better picture of its operation.Model
When you draw a hierarchy chart, you use more of a ” ________ ” approach.Big picture
_________ emphasize the flow of control and data among the things in the system being modeled.Interaction diagram
The _________ is a standard way to specify, construct, and document systems that use object-oriented methods.UML
Large systems are easier to understand when you break them down into _______.Subsystems
Use cases always represent all the functions of a system.False
You use a(n) _______ diagram when you want to emphasize the files, database tables, documents, and other components that a system’s software uses.Components
You use a(n) ______ when a use case is less specific than others are and you want to be able to substitute the more specific case for a general one.Generalization variation
A(n) ______ reunites the flow of control after a fork.Join
The UML was intentionally designed to be technical so that developers, customers, and implementers (programmers) could all “speak the same technical language.”False
A(n) ______ is a use case variation that shows functions beyond those found in a base case.Extend variation
A timing diagram is a type of interaction diagram.True
_______ emphasize the “things” in a system.Structure diagrams
When you draw a flowchart or write pseudocode, your purpose is to illustrate the individual steps in a process.True
You can use the UML’s ______ to construct different kinds of software diagrams and model different kinds of systems.Shapes
In the UML, a _______ block is a handler body node.Catch
The UML is vendor-dependent.False
Determining all the cases for which users interact with systems helps you divide a system logically into ______ parts.Functional
As with a hierarchy chart, you use the UML to create bottom-view diagrams of business processes that let you hide details and focus on functionality.False
Because of its size and imprecision, the UML is relatively difficult to learn.True
A feature that adds to the UML vocabulary of shapes to make them more meaningful for the reader is called a(n) _______.Stereotype
Each variation in the sequence of actions required in a use case is a(n) _______.Scenario
Component and deployment diagrams model the physical aspects of systems.True
Creating a model for an existing system is called _______.Reverse engineering
You use a(n) ________ diagram when you want to focus on a system’s hardware.Deployment
A(n) ______ diagram shows the different points in timeState machine
In the UML, a ______ block is called a protected node.Try
In a(n) ______ diagram, you show the flow of actions of a system, including branches that occur when decisions affect the outcome.Activity
The ______ shows how a business works from the perspective of those who actually interact with the business.Use case diagram
________ is the detailed specification of how all the parts of a system will be implemented and coordinated.System design
You use an ______ when a case can be part of multiple use cases.Include variation
______ identify computer memory and storage locations.Addresses
An arithmetic average is known as the _______.Mean
A three-dimensional array’s subscripts are often referred to as row, column, and _______.Page
When records are in ______ order, it means that they are arranged one after another on the basis of the value in dome field.Sequential
You can use a(n) _____ to access data records in a logical order that differs from their physical order.Either a linked list or an index
With an ascending bubble sort, after each adjacent pair of items in a list has been compared once, the largest item in the list will have risen to the top.False
Insertion sort is an unintuitive sorting algorithm, and bears little resemblance to any real-world manual sorting method.False
You can use a bubble sort to arrange records in either ascending or descending order.True
In a ______ storage device, records can be accessed in any order.Random-access
The bubble sort is the only sorting algorithm that exists.False
A(n) ______ is a list of instructions that accomplish a task.Algorithm
When you declare a one-dimensional array, you type ______ after the array’s type and name.[ ]
For a descending sort in which you want to end up with the highest value first, write the decision so that you perform the switch when score [x] is _______ score [x + 1]Less than
The _____ in a list is the value of the middle item when the values are listed in order.Median value
In a bubble sort, you use a(n) ______ loop to make pair comparisons.Inner
When records are arranged in ______ order, it means that they are arranged from lowest to highest value.Ascending
A(n) _____ is a structure in memory that contains records with the one extra field for each record.Linked list
The “real” order in which values are stored in memory is known as the ______ order.Physical
Suppose the value of RENT_BY_FLOOR_AND_BDRMS [0] [1] is 390. The value within the first pair of brackets following the array name refers to the ______.Row
Some languages access two-dimensional array elements with _______ separating the subscript values.Commas
_______ arrays have both rows and columns of values.Two-dimensional
You can think of the single dimension of a single-dimensional array as the height of the arrayTrue
Two-dimensional arrays are never actually required in order to achieve a useful programTrue
When records are arranged in _____ order, it means that they are arranged from highest to lowest value.Descending
When you ______ records, you store a list of key fields paired with the storage address for the corresponding data record.Index
Swapping two values is a concept that is central to most sorting techniques.True
The number of times you need to process the list of values is _____ than the number of elements in the array.One less
In a(n) _______ sort, items in a list are compared with each other in pairs, and when an item is out of order, it swaps values with the item below it.Bubble
Am array that you can picture as a column of values, and whose elements you can access using a single subscript, is a _______ array.One-dimensional
A bubble sort is sometimes called a ______ sortSinking
A record’s ______ field is the field whose contents make the record unique among all records in a file.Key
In every popular computer coding scheme, “B” is numerically one greater than “A”, and ‘y” is numerically one less than “z.”True
In a bubble sort, you use an outer loop to make the pair comparisons.False
The greatest number of pair comparisons you need to make during each loop is ______ than the number of elements in the array.One less
For an ascending sort, you need to perform the swap () method whenever any given element of the score array has a lower value than the next element.False