The Finding That Syphilis Causes General Paresis Is Important Because It Supports The Idea That

Abnormal Psychology Quiz 1

Bob experiences unshakable sadness. His friends have stopped trying to cheer him up because nothing works. An ancient Greek physician would label his condition:melancholia
Eugenics sterilization reflects what perspective on abnormality?somatogenic
What sequence is correct in terms of prominence of mental health treatments in the United States during the twentieth century and beyond?psychoanalytic, biological, cognitive, sociocultural
Which pair of words BEST describes the current emphasis in mental health?prevention and positive psychology
Which statement is NOT a reason that demonology dominated views of abnormality in Europe in the Middle Ages?the culture rejected religious beliefs
Which was NOT a factor in the decline in the use of moral treatment and the rise in the use of custodial care in mental hospitals at the end of the twentieth century?the total lack of success of moral treatment
If you are a typical person undergoing therapy in the United States, your therapy will last for:fewer than five sessions
The finding that syphilis causes general paresis is important because it supports the idea that:organic factors can cause mental illness
Hippocrates thought that abnormal behavior resulted from an imbalance in the four humors, one of which was:phlegm
Which statement is the MOST accurate conclusion about the current state of abnormal psychology in the United States?There is no single definition of abnormality, no one theoretical understanding of the causes of mental illness, and no single best treatment.
The approach to therapy for mental illness in which a person pays a psychotherapist for services is called:private psychotherapy
Acquiring insight about unconscious psychological processes is a feature of :psychoanalysis
Bernheim and Liabault used hypnotic suggestion to induce hysterical disorders in “normal” people, providing support for which perspective of abnormality?psychogenic
Which statement LEAST supports the somatogenic view of abnormal behavior?hypnotism has helped people give up smoking
Which “new diagnosis” would a person experiencing overwhelming concern about computer crashes, as well as computer hoaxes and scams, MOST likely receive?cyber fear
Which statement BEST reflects the current care for people with less severe disturbances?private insurance companies are likely to cover outpatient treatment
A psychologist focuses on optimism, wisdom, happiness, and interpersonal skill. the psychologist is MOST likely:a positive psychologist
Which feature is NOT common in managed care programs?patient choice in number of therapy sessions
Which item is NOT associated with hypnotism?the somatogenic perspective
One major difference between psychiatrists and clinical psychologists is that psychiatrists:went to medical school
College students who drink so much that it interferes with their lives, health, and academic careers are often no diagnosed as engaging in abnormal behavior because:drinking is considered part of college culture
What is the distinction of Bethlehem Hospital, founded in London in 1547?popularly called “Bedlam,” it came to represent deplorable conditions for patients
Hippocrates believed that treatment for mental disorders should improve:releasing evil spirits trapped in the brain
One cause of the increase in homeless individuals in recent decades has been the:policy of deinstitutionalization
Those MOST often in charge of treating abnormality in the Middle Ages in Europe were:clergy
Eugenics had as its goal sterilization of people with mental disorders, a policy based on the idea that mentally ill people:should not be able to pass on their defective genes
Lady Gaga and other eccentrics are usually not considered to be experiencing a mental illness because:the freely choose and enjoy their behavior
Which “new diagnosis” would someone experiencing overwhelming concern about the security of travel on planes and subways most likely receive?terrorism terror
Which statement is NOT a reason that demonology dominated views of abnormality in Europe in the Middle Ages?the culture rejected religious beliefs
A person who works in a mental hospital analyzing various treatment protocols to see how multicultural factors impact success rates is MOST likely a:clinical researcher
Which is NOT a characteristic of eccentrics noted by researchers in the field?having a diagnosable mental illness
Which person would NOT be considered abnormal, despite the fact that the person’s behavior is dysfunctional?someone who goes on a hunger strike to pretest social injustice
Efforts to address the needs of children who are art risk for developing mental disorders (babies of teenage mothers, children of those with severe mental disorders) are categorized as:preventive
If a university had a program designed to help students achieve their full potential, physically, educationally, and spiritually, that program would have elements MOST similar to:positive psychology programs
A researcher spends 15 or more hours per day conducting experiments or doing library reading and records observations on color coded index cards. This person lives alone in the country but doesn’t interfere with others’ lives. The BEST description of the researcher’s behavior is that it is:eccentric
Johann Weyer, considered to be the founder of the modern study of psychopathology, was a physician in the:1500s
Dave is confused and usually thinks that he is an ancient king. IF his psychiatrist ordered medication, it would MOST likely be a(n)antipsychotic drug
Suicide prevention, substance abuse treatment, and eating disorder clinics are MOST similar to which kind of market?sweet cupcakes, a store that specializes in only one type of food
Which perspective was supported by the discovery that the symptoms of hysteria (e.g., mysterious paralysis) could be induced by hypnosispsychogenic