The First And Most Widely Publicized Caucus Today Is Held In The State Of

Chapter 13 The Executive Branch

The name of the group that makes the formal selection of the presidentElectoral college
The formal
statement of a political partys basic principles
The mass of people who actually cast votes in an electionElectorate
The president’s role as the head of the armed forcesCommander in chief
The plan by which a presidential vacancy is filledPresidential succession
Under the ____ system a candidate who wins the preference vote automatically wins the support of all the delegates chosen in the primaryWinner-take-all
As ___ the president holds broad power in domestic and foreign affairsChief executive
The president is the nations ____ heading a large government organizationChief administrator
Presidential candidates often choose a running mate who can _____ by virtue of certain characteristicsBalance the ticket
The _____ is the people chosen from each state and the District of Columbia to formally select the President and Vice PresidentElectoral college
Most states had to change their primary laws to account for the Democrats _____ ruleProportional representation
The basic statement of the party’s policies and principles is known as itsPlatform
As ___ the president is the symbol of all the people of the nationChief of state
The speech given by an important party member at the first session of the National ConventionKeynote address
_____ must cast their States formal votes for presidentPresidential electors
A president can serve no more than years in office10
The roles a president must play areNone of the above
According to the constitution the President mustBe at least 35 years old
Which of the following is not a formal qualification for the presidencyMust have extensive prior political experience
The main argument in favor of limiting the President to a single six-year term is that it wouldFree the president from the demands of a second term campaign
As of January 20 2001 the president received a yearly salary of$400,000
In case the president is disabled the way the vice president becomes president is determined by the25th amendment
A formal duty assigned to the vice president by the Constitution is toPreside over the senate
According to the presidential succession act of 1947 which follows the vice president in the line of Presidential succession?Speaker of the house
The President may resume duties after an illness by informing Congress that no inability exists but that decision can be challenged byVice president and majority of the cabinet
The least number of presidential electors a state can have is3
The order of succession to the presidency after the vice president is determined by thePresidential succession act
Which of the following is a way that presidential disability is determinedThe vice president and a majority of the cabinet inform Congress in writing
The framers of the Constitution called for the president to be elected byA direct vote of the people
Which of the following statements is not an argument against the electoral college systemThe results depend upon how state congressional districts are drawn
Electoral system broke down in the election of 1800 because of theRise of political parties
During the nomination process political battles are most likely to occur inPresidential primaries in the party out of power
A presidential primary can beA process to select delegates to the convention
Little known candidates are at a greater disadvantage than ever becauseState primaries occur to close together to gain name recognition and raise money between contests
Most presidential caucuses differ from statewide presidential primaries in all of the following ways exceptMain purpose for which the delegates are chosen
The national convention is held to accomplish all of the following EXCEPTSelect the party’s delegates
The first session of the National Convention is generally devoted toGiving speeches
The first and most widely publicized caucus today is held in the state ofIowa
Most of the sessions at the National Convention are spentSelecting the party’s presidential candidate
If a party has been losing support nationally it may depend heavily on the _____ to begin the reverse that trendNational Convention
If an incumbent president is seeking another term in office who will his party likely nominateThe president
Should the winner-take-all flow of the Electoral College become a recurring problem it would likely causeA drop in voter turnout
Which of the following statements is not an argument for direct popular election of the PresidentSmall states would gain an advantage in a direct election plan
A States presidential electors are chosen byPopular vote
One of the major flaws in the electoral college system is thatThe winner of the popular vote is not guaranteed the presidency
The problem with the results of the election of 1796 was thatThe President and Vice President were from opposing parties
All of the following contributed to today’s presidential selection system exceptThe 25th amendment
The major importance of the 12th amendment is that itEliminated the possibility of a tie for the presidency
The majority of the proposed reforms to the current electoral college systemIncorporate some form of direct election