The First Strands Of Dna Were Observed Through Which Microscope

Cell Theory

Who first recognized the cell as the universal unit of life?Schleiden and Schwann
The first strands of DNA were observed through which microscope?electron microscope
Which is a part of the cell theory?cells come from pre-existing cells
Which microscope uses a series of lenses to magnify an object in steps?compound light microscope
What was Rudolph Virchow’s contribution to the cell theory?He concluded that all cells come from preexisting cells.
Which microscope did Robert Hooke use to study tree bark?compound light microscope
The study of which structure was instrumental in the formulation of the modern cell theory?DNA molecule
A new multicellular organism has been discovered, and scientists want to study the organism’s cell structures, including organelles. Which microscope should they use?transmission electron microscope
Which statement best explains why cells were observed in more detail using a compound microscope than a simple microscope?A compound microscope has greater magnification ability than a simple microscope.
A magnifying glass is an example of which type of microscope?simple microscope