The Navigation Acts Of The Mid-Seventeenth Century Included Which Of The Following Stipulations

APUSH chapter 1-4

By the time the Europeans arrived in the Western hemisphere in the 1490’s most Native Americans lived in what region?Mesoamerica & the Andes
*Which of the following describes the first ancestors of the Native American peoples?*
– this group had always lived in the Western Hemisphere
– the first Native Americans migrated by sea from Polynesia
– the original group migrated by sea from China
– they were migrants who came over land from northeastern Asia
they were migrants who came over land from northeastern Asia
How can we most accurately characterize the first people people who migrated to the Americas?the people who crossed the Bering Strait from Asia
What was the foundation for the prosperous Native American societies in Mexico, Peru, and the Mississippi River Valley?the cultivation of Maize
Which of the following statements describes the Maya peoples?They devised a calendar system that predicted solar and lunar eclipses accurately
What present day locale did the aztecs live in?Mexico
The Hohokams, Mogollon, and Anasazi peoples who lived in present-day Arizona and New Mexico around A.D. 1000employed irrigation to grow four or five crops a year.
What was a characteristic of both the Mississippi and Pueblo people?used maize agriculture
Which of the Pueblo peoples built hundreds of miles of straight roads across the desert in the American Southwest to facilitate trade?Anasazis
The Native American settlement known as Cahokia was asignificant Mississippian city with more than one hundred temple mounds
What describes the system of Native American peoples east of the Mississippi River?they had no single style of political organization
which of the following was a characteristic of the aztec, mayan and iroquois civilizations?farming practices
Which of the following describes family life among Native Americans?Kinship bonds were sometimes more important than nuclear families.
Which of the following describes trading relationships among Native Americans in the period before European contact?Native Americans developed expansive trade networks that spanned great distances.
What characterizes Native North Americans’ spiritual views and practices?animism
which of the following statements describes the status of European Monarchs in 1450was often challenged by local nobles.
The social order in Europe around 1450 is most accurately described as beinghierarchical and authoritarian
What characteristic did traditional European, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations of the 15th century hold in common?each was a hierarchal society in which authority came from above
Typically, when an English woman of the fifteenth century marriedshe owned property jointly with her husband
in 1450, the majority of men were which of the followingpeasants
name of the European practice wherein the eldest son inherited nearly all of his fathers estatePrimogeniture
On the eve of European colonization of the Americans, most Western Europeans lived insmall, relatively isolated rural communities
The European Renaissance began in 1300 in which of the following countries?Italy
What Renaissance era ideology celebrated public virtue and service to the state?civic humanism
Which European nation was the first to involve itself in exploration of the Atlantic as a route to Asia and the African slave trade?portugal
Merchants from what country made inroads in the arab-dominated routes of the Mediterranean in the 12th century?Italy
The rise of commerce in most of Europe in the fifteenth century shifted the balance of power by favoring which of the following groups?monarchs
Which Europeans were represented by guilds in the 15th century?artisans
As it gained power in Europe, Roman and medieval Catholicism contended with pre-Christian festivals and the agricultural cycle byintegrating them into Christian holy days and biblical teachings.
Why were the crusades, which took place between 1096 and 1291 A.D., significant in Europe?introduced Europeans to the wider world by expanding trade routes and introducing them to sugar
What was a result of the Crusades which took place between 1096 and 1291 A.D.?Western European merchants gained awareness of Asian trade routes
The first phase of the Reformation in the 1500s had its greatest success in which European country?Germany
What did Martin Luther advocate most?the Catholic Church was corrupt and in need of reform
John Calvin and Calvinist theologians of the 1500s’s stressed what major ideas?predestination, human weakness, God is an absolute ruler /sovereign
In West Africa, the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire, and the Songhai Empire all had what in common?use of gold as the cornerstone of their power
Most of the people living in West Africa when European trade began in the early 15th century wereanimists
What prevented Europeans from seeking to conquer territory in Africa in the 15th century?coastal kingdoms were too well-defended
What best describes the Portuguese connection to African slavery in the 1400s?Portuguese traders ousted Arab merchants as the prime African slave merchants
why was the fifteenth-century marriage of queen isabella and king ferdinand of spain significant?Ousted Muslims out of Spain, Spanish Inquisition, Financed Columbus’ expeditions
on october 12, 1492 columbus, his men, and his ships reachedbahamas
Why had Christopher Columbus faded from public view by the time he died in 1506?he failed to find great treasures or kingdoms.
What motivation drove the Spanish conquistadors who followed Columbus to the Americas in the early 16th century?their thirst for battle and riches as well as land in the conquered territory and titles of nobility
Which of the following factors eased the spaniards’ conquest of the aztecs in the 16th centuryThe internal fighting among warriors over succession to the empire’s throne.
What best describes the impact of the Columbian Exchange?it transported livestock, crops, and diseases among Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas
Why did the number of Indians living in Mesoamerica decline from about 30 million in the fifteenth century to approximately 3 million by 1650?Disease carried by Europeans decimated most Indian tribes who came into contact with them.
which of the following explorers is correctly matched with his area of exploration?cortés—conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico
Why were the modern-day countries of Mexico and Peru originally Spain’s most significant conquests?the Inca, Aztecs, and Mayans had great wealth, particularly in gold
Which of the following statements characterizes the legacy of the Spanish conquest in the New World in the sixteenth century?the Spanish government and missionaries waged a campaign to suppress indigenous cultures.
During most of the sixteenth century, which of the following was the wealthiest nation in Europe?spain
How did the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquer the Incans by 1535?The Incans were already weakened militarily and divided because of rival claimants to the throne.
In the sixteenth century, the Spanish crown granted encomiendas to which of the following groupsIndians who converted to Catholicism
The encomiendas granted by the Spanish crown in the sixteenth century consisted oflarge quantities of gold and silver
By the mid-1500s, Spain’s main goal in North America was toto monopolize Indian labor and control resources
Which of the following diseases were introduced into Europe by Christopher Columbus’s sailors after their journey to the Americas in the 1490sstd/syphilis
What was the significance of the arrival of New World crops such as maize and potatoes in Europe and Asia after the 1500s?American crops increased agricultural yield and population growth in the Old World
What caused the Spanish Netherlands revolt against Spanish rule in 1566?Dutch Protestants’ desire to protect their faith
King Henry VIII started the English Reformation bydeclaring himself supreme head of the new Church of England
Which of the following was an outcome of Elizabeth I’s compromise on the Church of EnglandIt angered English people who supported radical Protestantism
The main motive for King Philip II’s attack on England in 1588 was torestore the Roman church in England and to wipe out Calvinism in holland
Two hundred thousand Spaniards from Castile migrated to America in the 1500s in order to escapehigh taxes on agriculture and military servce
Why was the influx of American gold and silver into the English economy during the 16th century significantThe influx led to increased power for the nobility and the House of Lords
Which of the following was true of the English outwork textile industry that emerged around 1500Landless peasants in small cottages spun and wove wool into cloth
Portuguese colonists in Brazil in the sixteenth century created an industry based on which of these resourcessugar
Which of the following groups provided labor for Brazil’s profitable plantations in 1620african slaves
What describes the English migrants who initially settled in the Jamestown colony in the early 1600s?early Jamestown settlers expected to profit from gold and Indian labor
Powhatan, leader of a confederation of about two dozen tribes in Virginiatreated the English as potential allies and attempted to integrate them into his chiefdom
What accounted for the uneasy relations that persisted between Powhatan’s people and the Jamestown settlers for more than a decade after 1607?both groups’ inability to reach an agreement about who would pay tribute to whom
The economic livelihood of the Virginia colony in the 1700’s depended on which of the following productstobacco
Which of the following developments fostered the flow of migrants into the Virginia colony between 1617 and 1622The Virginia Company began to allow individual settlers to own land
What effect did American tobacco have in England during the early colonial period?English developed a huge appetite for tobacco, hoping to feel a 40 year boom in prices
Which of the following resulted from the surprise Indian attack on the Virginia colony Jamestown in 1622James the first revoked the charter of the Virginia company making it a royal colony
Which of the following characteristics were common of royal colonies throughout English America in the 17th centuryAppointed governors, elected assemblies, and an established Anglican Church
Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of Maryland, established that colony as a haven forcatholics
What describes the colony of Maryland, founded in 1632?tobacco production shaped its economy and social structures
What characterizes life in the 17th century American plantation colonies?disease took such a toll that most children lost at least one parent before their 13th birthday
In north america’s plantation colonies , most indentured servantsdid not escape poverty
How did the plantation colonies of Barbados differ those of the Chesapeake in the 17th century?the Chesapeake adopted slavery gradually and Barbados did so quickly
What describes Africans in Virginia after the 1660s?Africans found themselves more entrenched in slavery as a permanent condition
In contrast to the Spanish missionaries of the 16th century, the 17th century French Jesuitstried to understand the Indians’ values and worldview
What encouraged migrants to New France in the 17th century?generous terms for indentured servitude
How was colonization similar for the French and Spanish?the French and Spanish aimed to Christianize the native peoples?
What happened to the Dutch colony of New Netherland in the 17th century?the venture failed to attract many settlers
Which of the following native groups capitalized on its geographic location in central New York and remained a significant political force in North America long after colonization?iroquois
Why did Plymouth begin to thrive after its first year while Jamestown struggled for many years?the religious discipline of the Plymouth settlers encouraged their stronger work ethic
When they settled in the New World in 1630, the Puritans’ first priority was tocreate a reformed society that model true Christianity in America
Which colony did John Winthrop’s phrase “city upon a hill”?Massachusetts Bay
For which of the following reasons was Roger Williams banished from Mass. Bay in 1636The puritan minister condemned the separation of church and state
Anne Hutchinson was banished from Mass. Bay for teaching thatbelievers did not need to obey church rules
Which of the following New England colonies required church membership in order to be able to voteMassachusetts Bay
What caused the puritance’ “errand into the wilderness” to become permanentthe failure of the English Revolution
devout Puritans, such as Cotton Mather, was based on which of the followingregularly explained unusual events as the result of supernatural forces
why did the largest land holdings in the 17th century New England towns usually belong to wealthier familiesthey had the money to buy and maintain the land, their social status helped them secure the plot
Which of the following was characteristic of both the Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut colonies?ordinary farmers had more political power than most yeomen in the Chesapeake colonies.
how did the puritans justify their invasion of the native americans’ land in the seventeenth centuryby interpreting epidemics that devastated Native American populations as a favorable sign from God
The Metacom’s Rebellion (king philips war) wasan attempt to save Indian lands and culture in New England
What was life like in the Chesapeake region after 1660?a wealthy, planter-merchant elite dominated the Chesapeake economy and owned almost half of the land in Virginia
Why was William Berkeley significant in the Chesapeake region in the seventeenth century?gave special treatment to his friends on the council, led to rebellion in Virginia.
What was a consequence of Bacon’s Rebellion of the 1670s?slavery began to replace indentured servitude
How were the Indian uprising in 1622 and Bacon’s Rebellion in 1675-1676 similar?the rebellions led to changes in the structure of the colony’s government
How were the Spanish conquistadors, Nathaniel Bacon’s frontiersmen, and the Puritans similar?all treated the Native Americans brutally
Which of the following describes the character of Britain’s empire in america before 1660The British ruled their american colonies in a haphazard and lax manner
Which of the following was true of the Restoration colonies of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Carolinas in the 1660’s?They were created when Charles II ascended the throne after Cromwell’s dictatorial rule
Which of the following statements describes the dominant approach to settlement in North Carolina in its early yearsthe proprietors planned to set up a manorial system but this planned failed
The first colonists who settled South Carolina and introduced racial slavery arrived fromBarbados
which america colony was established as a haven for the quakerspennsylvania
which of the following statements is true of the Quaker religion in the 1660sit taught that God imbued all men and women with an inner light of grace
The navigation acts, implemented in the american colonies by Britain in the mid-seventeenth century, were originally intended tocut the french Dutch and French out of colonial trade
The navigation acts of the mid-seventeenth century included which of the following stipulationsEuropean goods imported to the colonies had to go through English ports
Which of the following was an outcome of the Navigation Acts of the mid-seventeenth centurycolonists were required to export their sugar and tobacco only to England
Which of the following statements describes the change in English economic philosophy toward the colonies beginning in the 1650sNo longer content with a favorable balance of trade with european countries, the english government controlled trade with the colonies
As part of its mercantilism policy in the late seventeenth century, England committed which of the following actionsdrove the dutch from new netherland
Which of the following events provoked a major crisis for puritans in Mass. in the 17th centurythe annulment of Mass. charter
What reason did Britain’s King James 2 create the Dominion of New England in 1686?He aimed to strengthen Royal control of the American colonies
For which of the following reasons did the 1686 Dominion of New England anger American colonistsit invalidated the Mass. Bay colony’s original land titles
What occurred in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution of 1688?Plymouth, Maine, and Massachusetts Bay were joined to create a new Royal colony
In Maryland, the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution was characterized bythe establishment of the Church of England as the official church
Which of the following describes the significance of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in England and America?The event led to a period of lax British rule of its american colonies, with new laws and taxes
Which of the following describes the process of tribalization that occurred in America in the early eighteenth centurystateless peoples’ adaption to the major demands imposed on them by neighboring states
Why was the covenant chain between New York and the Iroquois people in the early 18th century significant?their alliance soon became a model for relations between the British Empire and other Native American peoples
Which of the following statements characterizes the impact of the War for Spanish Succession (1702-1713) in the American SoutheastThe creek nation uses the European was to expand its power into northern Florida and North Carolina
Which of the following was true for the Iroquois in New York during the period of Imperial warfare in the early eighteenth centurythe tribe allied with France and Britain and declared their intention to remain neutral
When the early eighteenth-century Anglo-French wars temporarily ended with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, Britain hadWon major territorial and commercial gains, including Newfoundland, Acadia, and the Hudson Bay region as well as access to the western Indian trade
Which agricultural product served as the foundation for the South Atlantic System in the eighteenth centurySugar
Which of the following areas imported the smallest number of slaves in the early eighteenth centuryBritish
Which of the following statements characterizes the impact of the slave trade on Africathe slave trade hardened African class divisions and changed gender relations
Which of the following statements characterizes African states’ involvement in the Atlantic Slave tradethe Asante Kinds used the profits of slave trading to expand their political dominion
The transatlantic slave trade resulted in which of the following outcomes in the 18th centurythe emergence of polygamous marriage in many African socities
the term *Middle Passage* refers to which of the followingAfrican slaves’ perilous trans-Atlantic journey to the Americas
Which of the following statements characterizes life for slaves in the West Indies in the 1700sBecause the price of slaves was low and the price of sugar was high, slave owners worked the slaves to death and then just replaced them
The “tobacco revolution” in Virginia and Maryland led tothe creation of a slave-based plantation economy
Which of the following characterized tobacco, rice, and sugar production in the 18th century Americaeach drove the expansion of the slave trade for a time
what method did Chesapeake planters use in the early 18th century to prevent slave revoltsthey brought slaves of different ethnic backgrounds to limit their ability to organize
Which of the following explains why Chesapeake planters treated their slaves less harshly than West Indian planters in the 18th Centuryprofits on sugar were considerably higher than those made through tobacco production
Which of the following statements describes slaves’ lives in the North American colonies in the eighteenth centurySlaves continues the ritual scarring practices that originated in many African tribes
The extent of violence perpetrated by whites against slaves in any particular geographic area depended on which of the following factorsIts population density
what spurred slaves to organize the Stono Rebellion in South Carolina in 1739The Spanish governor in Florida had promised freedom to fugitive slaves
How did South Carolina planters respond in the aftermath of the Stono Rebellion in 1739the planters decided to import fewer Africans
Which of the following was true of slavery in the American colonies in the 18th centuryfrom some noteworthy rebellions, slaves rarely rebelled or even dissented
Which of the following changes occurred in white society in the Chesapeake colonies at the same time that slavery was being forced on Africansa more rigid class structure with a well-defined and highly visible economic and political elite began to emerge
during the period between 1676 and 1750, how did the Virginia gentry try to reduce social discontentThe gentry urged even the smallest landholders to purchase slaves and thus support the slavery system
People from which of the following groups modeled themselves after the English aristocracy in the first half of the eighteenth centuryNew York Yeomen
By the middle of the eighteenth century, Chesapeake planters displayed their dominance throughgentility
Which of the following combinations describes wealthy Chesapeake and Southern women in the first half of the eighteenth centuryGenteel and deferential
Which of the following statements characterizes the colonial shipbuilding industry during the early eighteenth centurymost shipbuilding took place in New Jersey and Connecticut
In the mid-1700’s, how were the English colonies throughout the British Atlantic empire primarily linkedThe colonies all had socioeconomic commonalities
The British colonists in the 18th century North America enjoyed a significant degree of autonomy over their royal governors mainly due tothe practice of salutary neglect
What did the British policy of salutary neglect of the American colonies in the early eighteenth century meanThe British relaxed their supervision of the colonies’ internal affairs while concentrating on defense and trade policies
Why did war break out between England and Spain in the late 1730s?Spain was angry over the English settlement of Georgia
The Americans’ major objection to the Navigation Acts related to which of the following stipulationsthe requirement that Americans maintain a favorable balance of trade with England
which of the following statements characterized the currency problems that plagued the american colonies in the early and mid-eighteenth centurythe lack of currency in the colonies led New England states to issue paper money, which English Creditors increasingly refused to accept
which of the following best describes the new england freehold society of the early 18th centuryMany relatively equal landowning families who livelihoods came from agriculture and trade
How did farm wives throughout the colonies in the 18th century contribute to their familiesWives acted as helpmates to their husbands and performed both domestic and agricultural tasks
Which of the following statements describes the relationship of a typical New England women to the church in the 18th centurywomen and men joined churches in equal numbers but men dominated leadership
Which of the following statements best describes Womens property rights in the English colonies in the 18th centuryWhen they married women passed legal ownership of all personal property to their husbands
Which of the following statements best describes inheritance patterns in colonial New England during the mid 1700s?Fathers had a cultural duty to provide inheritances for their children
In 18th century New England that notion that parents would pay grown children for their past labor in exchange for the privilege of choosing the children’s spouses was known asthe marriage portion
Which of the following statements describes rural life in the New England colonies during the 18th centuryColonists sense of personal worth and dignity in rural New England contrasted sharply with European peasant life
Which of the following developments created a crisis for New England Purtian society in the 18th centuryPopulation growth made freehold land scarce
Which of the following was a result of the long-procured policy of subdividing land in New England for inheritance by the mid-1700sThe number of children conceived before marriage rose sharply
Which of the following was an outcome of New England families efforts to maintain the freeholder ideal in the late 18th centuryFarmers abandoned traditional grain crops and adopted livestock agriculture instead
Which of the following statements describes the role of money and economic exchange in 18th century rural New EnglandGenerally no money was exchanged between relatives and neighbors but accounts of debts were maintained and settled every few years by cash transfers
In New York during the first half of the 18th century settlement of the Hudson River valley showed which of the following patternsThe Dutch manorial system largely remained intact with a few wealthy and powerful Dutch and English landlords dominating poor tenant families
Which of the following statements characterizes the nature of colonial Pennsylvania during the 18th centuryThe growing wheat trade in the mid 18th century brought an influx of poor families which increased social divisions
Which of the following features characterized the middle Atlantic colonies of New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the 18th centuryCultural diversity
Which of the following 18th century Pennsylvania immigrants grounds quickly lost its cultural identity by practicing intermarriage with other ProtestantsDutch Huguenots
What did the German immigrants known as redemptions do on their arrival in Pennsylvania in the 18th centuryNegotiated the terms for a period of servitude through which they would pay for their trip
The most numerous voluntary nonslave emigrants to British North American in the 18th century came from which of the following groups?scots-irish
Which of the following statements characterizes 18th century religious practice in PennsylvaniaEach religious sect enforced moral behavior among its members
the political conflicts that wracked colonial pennsylvania in the middle of the eighteenth century stemmed from which of the following groupsrapid immigrations and population growth
Why was the print revolution that occurred in the colonies during the early 18th century significantPruning allowed got the broad transmissions of new ideas
Which of the following individuals created the foundation for enlightenment thinking?Nicolas Copernicus
The English philosopher John Locke believed which of the following ideasPeople had natural rights such as life liberty and property
The power of human reason a world ordered by natural laws and the progressive improvement of society are associated with which of the following movementsThe enlightenment
Purtian minister cotton Mathers response to which of the following 18th century crises demonstrated that enlightenment ideals had begun to influence himThe Boston small pox epidemic
Influenced by Enlightenment science, which of the following religious movements believed that God had created the world but allowed it to operate in accordance with the laws of nature?deism
How did the Pietism movement of the eighteenth century differ from Puritanism?pietism stressed an individual’s relationship with God
Which of these individuals would have most likely preferred Pietism to deism in the eighteenth century?…..
What made George Whitefield such as successful evangelical preacher in New England in the 1740sa reputation for being “almost angelical” in appearance
Which of the following statements describes the religious controversy that emerged from the Great Awakening during the 1740s and 1750s?The old lights prohibited traveling preachers from speaking to a congregation without its ministers permission
During the Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s, which of the following groups challenged the authority of ministers?the new lights
Which of the following colleges was founded in the mid 18th century out of the religious enthusiasm spread by the great awakingPrinceton
The 18th century great awaking was the impetus for which of the following phenomenaAfrican Americans created of a disincentive Protestant Christianity
Which of these religious demonmiantions successfully converted many slaves in the mid 18th century southern coloniesbaptists
Why did the Virginia gentry fear the rise of the baptists in the mid 18th centuryThey threatened to undermine the gentry’s position and privilege
Which of the following consequences of the eighteenth-century Great Awakening made it historically significant?Americans’ new freedom to challenge authority within and outside the church
Which of the following eighteenth-century movements posed a significant challenge to traditional assumptions about race, gender, and class in American society?The great awaking
The French and Indian war started as a result of disputed land claims regardingThe Ohio river valley
Hostilities between French troops and Virginians led by colonel George Washington began in 1754 at which of the following locationsFort Duquesne
How did the British government respond to hostitlies in America in 1754William Pitt and lord Halifax persuaded prime minister Pelham to start a war America against the french
What made the British authorities wary of declaring war against the French in North America in 1754?They believed the American colonists were incapable of cooperating in their own defense
The 1754 Albany congress was a significant event because it demonstrated thatneither the colonies nor the British found the other plans acceptable
the group that came to be known as the cajuns after the great war for empire wereacadians
Which of the following was part of Williams pitts strategy to mobilize the American colonies for the Great War for empire in 1756Committing to provide a fleet of British ships and 30000 soldiers to North America
Which of the following was a Provision of the treaty of Paris of 1763France lost all of her mother American territory east of the Mississippi river
In the mid-1700s which industrializing nation was the dominant commercial power inthe Atlantic ocean England
What describes the early Industrial Revolution and its impact on the American colonies in the 18th centuryBritain’s new ability to produce more and cheaper goods than ever before transformed American markets and raised most colonists’ standard of living
What specific purpose did the colonies of New York Pennsylvania Maryland and Virginia serve for the British empire in the 18th centuryTheir wheat crops made them the breadbasket of the Atlantic world
Which of the following developments was an outcome of the 18th century consumer revolution?The colonies became more dependent on overseas credits and markets
Ponticas uprising in Detroit in 1763 was a direct cause of which of the following eventsthe Royal proclamation of 1763
Which of the following problems troubled both eastern migrants and western settlers in the American colonies in the mid-1700s?Competition for land