The Use Of Encouraging Body Language Might Include ______.

Career Planning: Speaking and Listening

It is important for a speaker to understand the needs of the audience because _____.c.
It helps the speaker to hone their message for the audience
Taking notes is likely to increase your _____.b.
The key to effective communication is ______.d.
All of the above
Walt is asked to give a speech to his coworkers, and he decides to try to use a speech written by the great speaker President John F Kennedy. Walt is unlikely to succeed in his speech because _____.d.
All of the above
When you are HEARING speech, it means that _____.b.
The sound has reached your ears
The use of encouraging body language might include ______.a.
Leaning towards the speaker
Communication is an interaction between a sender and receiver involving a transfer of _____.b.
If a speaker tends to rush their ideas as fast as they can speak, they should work on their _____.b.
If you don’t understand a point made by a speaker, it is okay to _____.c.
Ask a question to help clarify their statement