This Drawing Medium Utilizes A Piece Of Silver Wire Set In A Holder.

Art APP 2.1 – 2.2

In Leonardo da Vinci’s design for a flying machine he used a ________ as his inspiration.bird’s wing
When Raphael was preparing to paint his fresco The School of Athens he did a large drawing called ________ to help place the design on the wall.a cartoon
To transfer the design of The School of Athens to the wall, Raphael ________ a large drawing, then used powdered charcoal dust to leave an impression of the original image.perforated
In her self-portrait, the artist Ilka Gedö used pencil and varied the ________ in order to suggest texture, create emphasis, and to produce darker values.pressure
Color pencil is much like graphite pencil, but the lead is made from pigment and ________.wax
This drawing medium utilizes a piece of silver wire set in a holder.silverpoint
When creating his silverpoint drawing Heads of the Virgin and Child, Raphael employed ________, a process in which the artist uses closely arranged parallel lines to create value.hatching
Samples of this drawing medium have been dated back to 30,000 BCE.charcoal
Sticks of chalk, pastel, and crayon are all made by combining pigment with ________.binder
Artists’ chalk is powdered calcium carbonate combined with this binder.gum arabic
Artists’ crayon is made by mixing pigment with ________.wax
This red chalk was used by Renaissance artists, including Michelangelo in his Studies for the Libyan Sibyl.sanguine
Erasers can be used by artists as drawing tools. In 1953 Robert Rauschenberg created a work by erasing a drawing by this famous Abstract Expressionist painterWillem de Kooning
Quills are a common tool for ink drawing. They were originally made from ________.bird feathers
East Asian artists have traditionally applied ink using a ________.brush
An artist who is using brush and ink will often control the value of the ink by ________.diluting with water
Before the invention of paper, drawings were done on ________.cloth
animal hide
In which country was paper invented by Cai Lun, who made it out of macerated plant fibers suspended in water?China
Hishikawa Moronobu’s seventeenth-century woodblock print depicts the art of ________.papermaking
Matisse called these works “drawing with scissors” because in them he concentrated on the contours of shapes.cutouts
In the gestural drawing Muscular Dynamism by Umberto Boccioni, the artist used chalk and charcoal to depict the undulating surface of ________.the human body
Pastels are limited to black and white because color cannot be added to a pastel binder.False
If you wanted to create a colorful drawing that could be easily erased or altered, gall ink would be a good medium to useFalse
The techniques of hatching and cross-hatching can be used only in dry media.False
In the drawing Woman Seated in an Armchair the artist uses only contour lines because it is impossible to create areas of value using the medium pen and inkFalse
Paint in its most basic form is composed of ________ and a liquid binder.pigment
This component of paint has traditionally been extracted from minerals, soils, vegetable matter, and animal by-products.pigment
This is not a traditional paint binder.lye
The binding agent in encaustic painting is ________.beeswax
This painting tool can be used to apply thick encaustic paint.palette knife
Naturalistic encaustic portraits of the Roman era, from the Fayum Oasis in Egypt, were created as ________.funerary adornments
The binding agent for tempera paint is ________.egg
Tempera lends itself to high ________ because it is usually applied with a brush in short, thin strokes.detail
This twentieth-century American painter chose tempera to describe his neighbor’s “extraordinary conquest of life” in the work Christina’s WorldAndrew Wyeth
This painting process relies on freshly applied lime plaster to hold the pigment in place.fresco
The earliest examples of fresco, found at the Palace of Knossos on the Mediterranean island of ________, date to c. 1600-1500 bce.Crete
There are two types of fresco. Fresco secco, which means dry fresco, and this kind, which means good fresco.buon
Taking four years to complete, the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by this artist in sections using the buon fresco methodMichelangelo
This painting binder is a by-product of flax production and first came into common use during the late Middle Ages and the Northern Renaissance.linseed oil
The Renaissance artist and writer Giorgio Vasari credited this Flemish painter with the invention of oil paint.Jan van Eyck
The transparency of oil paint allows a painter to use a process called glazing in order to add a high degree of ________ to a painting.luminosity
Californian artist Joan Brown used this painting technique, created by applying thick layers of paint to a surface.impasto
Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi used this medium for her Allegory of Painting, a self-portrait of the artist with a paintbrush in hand.oil paint
This contemporary painting medium uses a polymer resin as a binder.acrylic
This painting medium is transparent, applied to a paper surface, and has a gum arabic binder (the French version uses honey.)watercolor
Sonia Delaunay used this medium for her lively illustrations accompanying Blaise Cendrars’s
poetry in their “simultaneous” artist’s book.
This tag artist started out creating graffiti art in New York City subway cars, before producing museum works like Aeroplane 1.Crash
This French artist created street art using a process that involved stencils and spray paint.Blek Le Rat
We have discovered paintings at Lascaux in France that have been made by artists dating back ________ years.18000
If an artist wanted to work on a painting over a number of days, blending and making changes, acrylic paint would be a good medium to use.False