What Is Ghostwriting? Academic Ghostwriting As A Part

what is ghostwriting

What Is Ghostwriting?


When you write a book, memoir or other types of writing in which another person takes the full credit, you are a ghostwriter, and what you are doing is ghostwriting. In this case, you are only the writer and not the author because your client takes the full credit of the work.  You are just helping to accomplish your client’s vision.

Business organizations, politicians, celebrities among others hire ghostwriters to prepare memoirs, magazines, and other forms of writing. Music artists contract ghostwriters to draft songs and lyrics on their behalf while screenplay writers contract them to perfect their scripts through editing or rewriting.

Is Ghostwriting legal?

As far as I know, there are no laws that directly prohibit ghostwriting. However, it can invoke copyright laws in case of plagiarism.

Sometimes ghostwriting is considered a form of plagiarism, but this is not necessarily true as the writer attributes everything to the author. This profession, however, is among the most contentious subjects when it comes to ethics. Whether or not the practice is an ethical blunder depends on the expectations of the readers and the importance of the writing among other factors. Thus, ghostwriting may be generally acceptable in some realms while in others it may be a weighty ethical offense.

For instance, it may be okay to ghostwrite a book based on the original thoughts of the client. In so doing, you will not be plagiarizing other people’s work or infringing their copyrights. It may, however, seem unethical to some people for a student to contract a ghostwriter to write a master dissertation paper or other academic papers on his or her behalf. Nonetheless, there are some circumstances, such as time constraint that can force a student to do so.

Who Is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter refers to a person who writes for money and does not take credit for written work. The work of the writer is to help achieve the client’s vision. A considerable percentage of the ghostwriters are freelancers.

Clients usually use their services as they help produce high-quality work that is more acceptable to the target audience. Business organizations and individuals turn to them for website content, business ads, and other materials. Book authors, music artists, and screen authors, and students also frequently use their services.

Types of Ghostwriting

The kind of work that a client hires a ghostwriter to write determines the form of ghostwriting. As such, there are several types of ghostwriting which include autobiography, blog, newsletters, medical, speechwriting, fiction ghostwriting among several others. Academic writing also becomes a form of ghostwriting when you ask a ghostwriter to do the work on your behalf. Each type takes the name from the task that you ask the ghostwriter to do. For instance, autobiographical ghostwriting involves the writing of an autobiography.

Academic Writing as Part of Ghostwriting

Why Students Use Ghostwriting Services

Below are a few of the things that make students to use ghostwriting services

Too Many Writing Assignments

Writing is a fundamental part of the education system especially at high school and college level. The ability to draft a paper logically and classily is, therefore, crucial. If a student is not able to prepare an essay by the time of graduation, they are said to be poor students by almost all standards.

Possibly due to the significance of writing in the education system, learners are barraged with too many writing tasks. Keep in mind that besides essays, the students have to prepare research papers, dissertations among other forms of academic writing.

The students are, therefore, under constant pressure and this makes them to come up with creative ways, the main one being ghostwriting, to help them cope with the endless writing assignments.

Time Constraints

Some students use ghostwriting service because it saves time. Typically, college students study under a tight schedule. They are also expected to complete several assignments in addition to other tasks such as revising for exams. Some students also have part-time jobs, which leaves little time to complete the assignments.

The pressure that comes along with all the tasks mentioned above leave the student with no option, but to use the services of a ghostwriter. Remember that failure to complete assignments can lead to poor performance. Likewise, turning in assignments after the deadline or failure to do it can attract severe disciplinary actions.

High-Quality Papers

Some students are not able to prepare good essays and other academic papers as they do not have the necessary skills. Others suffer from poor grammar as English is not their first language. The assignments may also be too complicated for the students to complete without assistance. They, therefore, use the services of a ghostwriter to avoid submitting poor quality papers that could lead to poor grades.

Is Academic Writing Expensive?

The cost of ghostwriting services depends on the work you want the ghostwriter to write and the company or the person you hire to do the writing. Some companies will charge as much as $50 per page for academic ghostwriting services. Some papers such as dissertation and technical writing attract higher charges than others due to work involved in completing them.

It is also not uncommon for the companies to charge prices by the level of education of the writer that you have chosen. Ph.D. writers, therefore, are the most expensive while high school writers are the cheapest. The education level of the assignment also determines the prices of the paper.

Benefits That Students Have from Using Ghostwriting Services

Saves Time

Students, especially those working under a tight schedule can save time for other tasks. Writing assignments take a considerable amount of time, and they are not the only tasks that the students have to tackle. Without proper planning or assistance from another person, they may not be able to complete the assignments on time.

Quality Work

Students can write quality papers through ghostwriting. Most ghostwriters have vast experience, and they also have high educational qualifications. Unlike the student, they can produce top-class pieces in any subject. The students, therefore, end up submitting quality papers that impact positively on their grades.

Ghostwriters also help students to edit and proofread academic papers. Students with poor grammar or those without the prerequisite skills stand to benefit much from ghostwriting services.

Original Papers

Unlike the students, ghostwriters have a wealth of experience in writing. Thus, they can write academic papers from scratch. They are also knowledgeable about the techniques they can use to avoid plagiarism.

Students are, therefore, able to avoid plagiarism by using ghostwriting services. Plagiarizing other people’s work attracts heavy penalties on the side of the students, and the college administration can discontinue them from their studies.

Blueprint for Future Assignments

You can use a paper written by a ghostwriting expert as a guide for completing future writing tasks. For example, if ghostwriter helps you to write a Biology essay, you can use the paper to complete other assignments of the same type in the subject.

You can also learn how to structure paragraphs, sentences, and the general structure of an essay. Moreover, you will be informed about the possible mistakes that you can make when writing and how to avoid them to end up with a perfect paper.

Ghostwriting and Plagiarism Risks

Plagiarism is taking another person’s ideas and making them your own without the permission from the owner. The practice is a form of fraud, and it can have serious legal repercussions. Whenever you want to use materials written by others in your work, it is always advisable to acknowledge them as the originators of the ideas. Otherwise, it will amount to plagiarism.

Ghostwriting differs from plagiarism in that the person hired to execute the client’s ideas gives full credit to the client unless agreed otherwise. There is a risk, however, if the client contracts an unethical person to author his/her work. The person may end up using the ideas to his advantage without the client’s knowledge, and this will amount to plagiarism. The person may also use sources by other people in the client’s work and fail to attribute them. Thus, it is essential to do some research to ensure that you are hiring honest ghostwriters who will not plagiarize your work.