What Makes Me Unique (Essay Sample)

what make me unique

A lot of people scratch their heads when they are asked this question, but I’m not one of them. Does that make me unique already? Nevermind that, when people look at me and find out what I do for my living they are shocked and confused because a one-handed mix martial artist is something they can’t get their mind around.

I never looked for sympathy and never wanted to be treated like a special kid because of my congenital amputation. That’s why I grew up playing a lot of sports and participating in different fighting events, I was all action. Still am! My parents are a huge part of my relative success because they never wanted me feel to isolated or detached from society and encouraged me to pursue any dream that I had.

For some people, it’s bizarre when some parents tell their kid to get into fights and show character, but I’m glad they did what they did. People assume I would have no chance in a fight, but they don’t even realize that I’ve fought my entire life. I did that since day one! My mentality translated well in the fighting game, and I am by all means not limited in my grappling or striking skills, nor my submission expertise.

“To become “unique”, the challenge is to fight the hardest battle which anyone can imagine until you reach your destination.” When I joined a high school wrestling team, it was a nightmare. The hardest thing I had done in my life up until that point. I wanted to quit after my debut session, but my mother didn’t want me to be a victim of my own condition and encouraged me to work harder than ever to defy the odds and break out from obscurity.

She knew I was special inside and was confident that I could be the very best. Fast forward a couple of years, and I had over three hundred victories under my belt, not too shabby for a “disabled” guy. “I do what I do because it’s the right thing to do. I am a warrior, and it is a way of the warrior to fight superior odds.”

Jim Abbott, the former Yankees pitcher, was an idol of mine because he inspired me to do things that knocked out all the logic. Jim has no right hand but all the respect from fans all around the world, he played in the big leagues and now acts as a motivational speaker. He motivated me well even without empowering speeches. He highlighted everything special about me and gave me faith that one day, if I work hard enough, I can be a part of something as massive as MLB.

It wasn’t easy finding willing opponents as a pro fighter in my journey, but now I’m about to have my big break in the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, thanks to my 14-1 record. I’m looking forward to showcasing my talent on the biggest stage. They call me “Notorious”, but I prefer to be referred as a former XFC lightweight champion. I didn’t lose my title in the fight either, I was stripped due to my desire to compete against the biggest names.

I stepped out of temporary retirement in March 2018 because I felt like I had unfinished business in the cage, I’m not done yet! What makes me, me? I am an easy-going fellow who can not only protect himself but also be the best in the world at what he does, not only between the one-handed fighters but all of them.

My situation is a blessing in disguise, I am not sure if I would have the same drive and determination if I was a “normal”. I am who I am, and there is nothing that can stop me now! At the moment I am preparing for the biggest test of my life, and I want you to witness history when I get my ticket to the star-studded company!


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