Why I Love to Dance (Essay Sample)

I love dancing Essay

Never thought about that before since dancing has been a natural action for me like breathing as a long as I can remember. Now when I muse about that, it appears to me that I have some kind of moral certainty. It resembles the phrase of Friedrich Nietzsche that every day is lost if you haven’t danced leastways once during it.

I still have in mind how my mom has brought me to the dance class for the first time. I stood in the middle of the empty room with only barres and wall mirrors that visually extended the room size as well as my seeing of the reality. I didn’t realize it then entirely, but now I can even formulate it.

Reflections play an essential part in our lives. The only two questions are: do we want to be mirrors or mirrored and what do we want to see in ourselves and the others. The surroundings and social expectations make us reflect them, and a lot of people cave to that and accept the mirror role they haven’t chosen. But they don’t comprehend that they can turn this situation around by altering what they image. Instead of frequently worthless attempts to show people what they want one can opt for own inner world reflexion. And who knows it might change one’s life paradigm.

Introducing ourselves to the reality can be formidable and tricky. You need to select your message formulations carefully not to be misunderstood or condemned. But the spoken language can’t express some aspects of our souls, the language of moves can. That’s why I can’t live without dancing. It’s a way to reconnect with your spirit even though for several minutes, recollect who you are and bare your soul to the chosen ones who can read between motions.

A modern dance pioneer Martha Graham described the dance as a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening. It uses you as a translator to be uniquely expressed and allows you existing through another medium and ergo not losing yourself. I could not disagree with my hero. When you devote yourself to the action you don’t need to make you move the passion will do that for you. Its power will be initially crushing and bewildering. But when you’ve used to it will circulate through your body as smoothly as blood turning you in something more than a human being: a wind, a blizzard, etc.

Dancing is what has made me a person I’m now. It taught me to make a step no matter how horrifying it is, to fly up no matter how high the goal is. Each training is to work up your sweat and tears; each performance is to smile and move despite tiredness and pain. While you’re practicing, you have to fall and get up if you don’t want to surrender numerous times. That’s why this capacity remains with you even in everyday life. This type of education despite its difficulties is less cruel than learning during real-life lessons but sometimes as much efficient.

Moving to the music is my best way to eject emotions disregarding their coloring. But I don’t feel empty after that for a long time. The freedom that you experience during the dance attracts happiness that fills you to your fingertips later. When you’re in motion, you committed to the moment fully. And when you do, you actually live and not simply exist. That’s why no matter what feeling possesses me now I grasp if I move I can comprehend it completely and then release it without hurting anyone.

Euterpe’s and Terpsichore’s scopes complement each other although music can be counted as a dance origin. When you’re listening to melodies, you only engage your mind. When you move with their rhythm, it becomes your heartbeat. It immerses your whole body in the sound flow. When I not only hear a song tune and its lyrics but try to implement it with my motions, I live through its story. I discover its essence and drink from its wisdom to feel refreshed. Even if I can’t find it I bring in my own meaning creating this way something similar but somehow novel.

Aside from the philosophy, I dance because I simply can’t help it. And don’t see why I should stand in the way to my happiness. It’s bliss that I can as easily reach it. When I move, I don’t feel insecure or hopeless. I’m confident, independent and original. I’m alive.


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