A ________ Biopsy Is The Aspiration Of A Core Of Tissue For Microscopic Examination.

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This procedure may be used if a tumor is attached to a vital organ and cannot be completely removed:Debulking
The combining form cyst/o meansSac of fluid
The combining form follicul/o means:Small glandular sacs
Evaluating the degree of maturity of tumor cells or indication of malignant transformation is called _______ of tumors.grading
A ________oma is a solid tumor derived from epithelial tissue.carcin
________plasia means reversion to a more primitive cell type.Ana
Retino________, a tumor of the retina of the eye, is an example of a known inherited cancer caused by transmission of defective DNA, which is the abbreviation for ________.blastoma, deoxyribonucleic acid
Pamela’s vaginal carcinoma was caused by DES, which is the abbreviation for _____________, a hormone or chemical ________ taken by her mother when she was pregnant with Pamela.diethylstilbestrol, carcinogen
Characteristically, a tumor that multiplies rapidly, is undifferentiated and invasive, and can metastasize is a ________ tumor.malignant
Mr. Rucic was diagnosed with gastric ________, a cancerous tumor arising from glandular cells lining the stomach.adenocarcinoma
Mr. Gerald was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. His oncologist recommended combination chemotherapy as the modality, or method, of treatment, which would be given according to a written plan, or a:Protocol
________, or the freezing and destruction of malignant tissue, was used to treat Mr. Seiger’s prostate cancer.Cryosurgery
Ms. Golightly was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor was removed along with a large area of surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. This type of surgical procedure is called ________ resection.en bloc
The removal of a tumor and a margin of normal tissue for diagnosis and possible small tumor cure is called a(n) ________ biopsy.excisional
The aspiration of a small amount of bone marrow tissue for microscopic evidence of cancerous cells is called a(n) ________ biopsy.bone marrow
A ________ scan consists of pictures taken of organs after injection of radioactive substances.radionuclide
A ________ biopsy is the aspiration of a core of tissue for microscopic examination.needle
______________, which is abbreviated ___, is a serum protein produced by prostate cancer cellsProstate-specific antigen, PSA
Malignant transformation of genetic material results from damage to:DNA
Pieces of DNA that can cause normal cells to become malignant if activated by mutations are called:Oncogenes
Cancerous tumors are divided into broad groups on the basis of the particular type of tissue from which the tumor cells arise. This is called:Histogenesis
Staging of tumors is a system of evaluating the:Extent of spread of tumors
Tony, age 28, reentered the hospital for high-dose chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant for his leukemia. Bone marrow had been harvested from Tony after his first hospitalization in which he achieved complete remission. This type of bone marrow transplant is called:Autologous
Connective tissue tumors usually require large doses of radiation to destroy the tumor cells; this type of tumor is called:Radioresistant
Drugs, such as cisplatin and 5-FU (5-fluorouracil) that sensitize tumors and normal tissue to radiation to improve the outcome of treatment are called:Radiosensitizers
Mr. Skarda was started on interferon to stimulate his immune system. Interferon, which is produced by normal cells, uses the body’s own defense mechanism to fight tumor cells. Therefore, it is called:A biologic response modifier
Mrs. Lei had a repeat Pap smear. A Pap smear is an example of a clinical procedure called:Exfoliative cytology
The results of Mrs. Lei’s Pap smear showed dysplastic cells, meaning the cells were:Abnormal but not clearly cancerous
What is the test for the presence of a hormone receptor on breast cancer cells?Estrogen receptor assay
This means densely packed; overgrown with fibrous tissue.Scirrhous
Forming small finger-like or nipple-like projections of cells is calledPapillary
The term that means spreading evenly through the affected tissues is:Diffuse
The term that means composed of a variety of cell types is:Pleomorphic
Small, repeated doses of radiation are termed:Fractionation
Implantation of radioactive seeds directly into the tumor is called:Brachytherapy