According To Lazarus’s Cognitive Mediational Theory What Is The Main Influence

Chapter 11 Test 2 Study

The type of stress experienced when positive events require the body to adapt is called:eustress
The Social Readjustment Rating Scale measures the amount of stress:in a person’s life resulting from life events over a one-year period.
Which of the following ailments are commonly associated with the stress of hassles?colds
When people feel that they must work harder, faster, or do more, they are experiencing a type of stressor known as:pressure
What is the relationship between a person’s ability to control a stressful situation and the degree of stress they experience?The less control a person has, the more stress he or she may experience.
Sam, a preschooler, overheard his parents fighting loudly after he went to bed. The next day at school, Sam got into a fistfight with one of his friends. This is an example of:displaced aggression
Dropping out of school or quitting a job are forms of:escape or withdrawal
The sequence of physiological reactions that the body goes through in response to a stressor is described by the:general adaptation syndrome
When Wes learned that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer, his heart rate and blood pressure increased, he experienced a burst of energy, and he felt nauseous. These symptoms describe the ______ phase of the general adaptation syndrome.alarm
The prolonged secretion of stress hormones during the ______ phase of the general adaptation syndrome can lead to the most harmful effects of stress on the body.exhaustion
According to Lazarus’s cognitive mediational theory, what is the main influence on how much stress a person experiences in response to a stressor?the way a person thinks about and appraises the stressor
Anna never feels there is enough time to study, even though she has straight A’s. She finds it hard to relax because she always feels she should be studying. What personality type is Anna?A
Optimism is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:the tendency to develop learned helplessness.
The destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001, is an example of a(n):catastrophe
Lance has been under a great deal of stress at work for six months. He used to be an easygoing, positive person, but lately his friends have noticed a marked negative attitude, an unwillingness to get out of bed and participate in activities, and a frequent display of signs of depression and lack of motivation. Lance is experiencing:burnout
Emily is an exchange student living in Japan. She is happy to be there, but lately she has been feeling a lot of stress associated with feelings of not belonging in the Japanese culture and often feelings of homesickness. Emily is experiencing:acculturative stress
In _______, the minority person gives up their old cultural identity and completely adopts the ways of the majority culture.assimilation
Alan’s job required him to move to France. He took the opportunity to take some French cooking classes so he could cook for his friends when he returned home, and he also took French language lessons. He tried to speak French when he was out, but at home he still spoke English. Alan is dealing with acculturation through:integration
When Maxine’s husband died, the members of her church brought her food and stayed with her children while she made funeral arrangements. This is an example of a(n) _____ support
Actions that people can take to master, tolerate, reduce, or minimize the effects of stressors are:coping strategies
Julie is a gymnast who consistently falls off the beam when attempting one particular trick. She has an upcoming competition, and she is experiencing stress due to worry that she will fall again. Julie decides to set up a private lesson with her coach to try to figure out what she is doing wrong. This is an example of what coping strategy?problem-focused
_______ is the technique to use when dealing with uncontrollable stressors.Emotion-focused coping
Which of the following is a way that religion aids with coping?Religion can provide rites and rituals that can help people feel better about shortcomings, weaknesses, or failures.
The work of this psychologist and his colleagues has focused on ways to increase optimism in individuals, which by extension increases aspects of physical and psychological health.Seligman
Tory is stressed because she is attempting to register for classes, and none of the classes she wants appear to be available. Tory’s stress is most likely related to ______.frustration
As Tamlin approached the podium to give her speech to the entire class, she could feel her heart rate increasing, her pulse pounding, her mouth becoming dry, and her muscles tensing. The part of the nervous system responsible for Tamlin’s physiological response is the _______.sympathetic division
When Rosalina first found out that she had three term papers due in two weeks, she felt queasy. However, she soon started doing her research, and she began to feel better. Although the stressors were still present, Rosalina had begun to adapt to this situation. Rosalina is in which stage of the general adaptation syndrome?resistance
Caroline is interested in studying the effects that stress and other psychological factors have on the immune system. Caroline is interested in the study of _______.psychoneuroimmunology
Adrian tends to see a “silver lining in every cloud,” while her friend Thomas can only see the cloud. One could say that Adrian is optimist
Although Juanita considers herself a “regular” American teenager, she is also very proud of her Hispanic heritage and often introduces her non-Hispanic friends to the food, language, and customs of her native culture. Juanita is exhibiting the cultural adaptation known as _______.integration