All Of The Following Dietary Factors Are Protective Against Cvd Except

Chapter 11 Diet and Health

A deficiency or toxicity of even a single nutrient can weaken the body’s defenses considerably.True
CVD is a man’s disease.False
Thirty minutes of light, balanced exercise, performed at intervals throughout the day, can improve the odds against heart disease.True
Constituents in foods may be cancer causing, cancer promoting, or protective against cancer.True
Excess calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat all raise cancer rates.True
Dietary supplements can trigger extra immune power to fend off dangerous infections.False
Metabolic syndrome with its cluster of factors raises the risk of CVD.True
The risk of cancer rises with BMITrue
Today’s meals are most often influenced by:which foods are readily available., which foods are easiest to prepare. (a,b)
For someone trying to make healthier choices when purchasing pre-packaged convenience foods to use at home, which would be the best choice?bagged cut salad greens
Recommendations to help a family on a minimum wage income purchase low-cost, nutritious food include:watching weekly grocery ads for fruit and vegetable specials.
Which of the following holds the key to maintaining the best possible immune system support?adequate nutrition
Which of the following must be given careful attention when feeding the person with AIDS?food safety
Effects of protein-energy malnutrition on the body’s defense system include:the skin becomes thinner with less connective tissue., antibody secretions and immune cell number are reduced. (a,b)
Which of the following would be considered a risk factor for CVD?LDL 160 mg/dL or higher
Which of the following is not one of the risk factors for CVD?high blood HDL
In men, aging becomes a significant risk factor for heart disease at age:45
Wherever dietary fat consists mostly of _____ fats and fish, fruits, and vegetables are eaten in abundance, blood cholesterol and the rate of death from heart disease are low.unsaturated
According to the DRI Committee, the percentage of calories from fat in the diet should be no more than _____ percent.35
Which of the following is associated with a reduced risk of CVD?high HDL
Which of the following raises HDL concentration?moderate alcohol intake , physical intake (a,c)
All of the following dietary factors are protective against CVD exceptinsoluble fiber
Resting blood pressure should ideally be _____ or lower.120 over 80
Which of the following is a risk factor for the development of hypertension?age, genes (a,c)
Salt sensitive individuals are likely to include:African Americans., those who have diabetes. (a,c)
Individuals with hypertension being treated with diuretics should consume foods rich in:potassium
In general, studies of populations have suggested that low cancer rates correlate with:high vegetable intakes., high whole grain intakes (a,b)
Laboratory studies suggest that diets high in _____ seem to promote cancer.calories
Which of the following nutrients plays a special role with respect to cervical and colon cancer?folate
The best action to take to decrease your risk of cancer is to:eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in generous quantities every day.
Which of the following may offer a protective effect against colon cancer?calcium
In dietary recommendations to decrease the risk of CVD, trans-fatty acids are classified with _____ fat.saturated
To help prevent hypertension Americans should limit their sodium intake to _____ mg per day.2300
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, saturated fat in the diet should account for no more than _____ percent of calories.7
An atherogenic diet is characterized as one:high in saturated fats.,high in trans fats. (a,b)
To help control blood cholesterol you would:consume oats, barley, and legumes. ,limit foods with trans fatty acids. (a,b)
To minimize risks of CVD you would:choose more fruits and whole grains., consume 1 or 2 servings of fatty fish each week. (a,c)
All of the following are risk factors for CVD except:diastolic blood pressure of 80.
To reduce your risks of developing cancer you would:have a high fruit and vegetable intake., consume whole grains and other fiber-rich foods (b,c)
When trying to reduce the risk of heart disease, the most important risk factor to modify first is:high LDL cholesterol because of its role in plaque formation.
A man with pre-hypertension is trying to keep his blood pressure from going higher. Which of the following dietary changes might helpremove the salt shaker from the table