Ankylosing Of The Stapes Is Called

Chapter 5 Diseases and Disorders of the Eye and Ear

Diagnostic findings for benign paroxysmal positional vertigothe sensation of the room spinning and lack of coordination.
decreased hearing.
Infection or inflammation in the semicircular canals is calledlabyrinthitis.
Symptoms of neoplasms of the ear commonlyprogressive hearing loss and discharge from the ear.
a visible mass or lesion.
facial paralysis.
Ankylosing of the stapes is calledotosclerosis
Insertion of a myringotomy (tympanostomy) tube as a treatment for otitis mediamyringotomy
Cause of sensorineural deafness, also referred to as occupational hearing lossloud noise.
the aging process.
the side effects of certain medication
Placement of sharp objects into the ear canal, an explosion, a severe middle ear infection cana ruptured tympanic membrane
Chronic disease of the inner ear marked by a recurring syndrome of vertigo, tinnitus, progressive hearing loss, and a sensation of pressure in the earMénière’s disease
Ototoxicity caused by drugs or chemicals affects the _____ cranial nerveeighth
Wet form of macular degeneration is describeda serious form that can result in damage to the retina, resulting in loss of central vision
Adult-onset macular degenerationEarly evidence of AMD, such as tiny drusen, can be seen during a routine eye examination by an ophthalmologist.
Patients with AMD may report seeing wavy lines when looking at lines that are straight.
With progression of AMD, reading and activities requiring sharp vision become impossible.
Major cause of blindness in the United Statesglaucoma
Vision impairment as a result of old age and the loss of elasticitypresbyopia
Vision impairment as a result of old age and the loss of elasticity in the lenspresbyopia
Early symptoms of retinal detachment consist ofnew floaters and light flashes
Macular degeneration iscaused by progressive deterioration in the macula of the retina.
usually related to aging
Chronic open-angle glaucomaIt is the most treatable cause of blindness
Conjunctivitis can be caused byinfection, irritation, allergies, or chemicals
Inflammatory infections of the hair follicles of the eyelid called hordeolum (styes) are caused bystaphylococcal bacteria
Treatment of refractive errors of the eyelaser surgery.
contact lenses.
NystagmusIt necessitates a complete neurologic evaluation when acquired
Hyperopia, myopia, and presbyopia are refractive errors that result when theeye is unable to focus light effectively
Inflammation of the thin, transparent membrane covering the visible portion of the sclera and lining the inside of the eyelids results inconjunctivitis
The sensor receptive cells in the retina that function best in dim light and enable night vision are therods
A defect in the _____ results in difficulty in visual detection of color and fine detailcones
Blepharitis is defined asinflammation of the margins of the eyelids involving hair follicles and glands
Drug therapy used in the treatment of mastoiditisantibiotic or sulfonamide therapy
Treatment of swimmer’s earthoroughly cleaning and drying the ear after swimming
Causes of ruptured tympanic membrane areinfection.
blow to the ear.
nearby explosion
Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of thesemicircular canal
Treatment of BPPV includesantihistamines, anticholinergics, and benzodiazepines
The only treatment that cures otosclerosisis a surgical procedure called stapedectomy.
Diabetic retinopathy occurs most often in those with diabeteswho do not control their blood glucose levels.
Lightning strikes maycause a ruptured tympanic membrane.
Benign tumors of the earsinclude acoustic neuromas
Sensorineural hearing losshas noticeable onset
Audiograms are usedto diagnose otosclerosis.
The labyrinth is responsiblefor maintaining balance
Certain medicationscan cause ototoxicity.
Cochlear implantsrestore normal hearing
The ear’s only function is notonly for hearing
A cholesteatoma and mastoiditiscan both be the result of a neglected otitis media
The major risk with having a ruptured eardrumis not from an infection in the inner ear
The most common tumor of the eyeis cancer that has metastasized to the eye
Infants and young children should be evaluated for leukokoria and strabismusat well child exams and referred urgently to an ophthalmologist if noted.
Blepharoptosiscan’t be ectropion or entropion.
The internal lens of the eye is elastic and, thereforecan focus images both near and far
Symptoms of corneal abrasion or ulcer includepain, redness, tearing, and sometimes visual impairment.
Chronic open-end glaucoma results from a malfunction of the drainage systemwhich causes IOP to be raised.
Sensorineural hearing loss that is caused bydamage to the cochlea is irreversible; therefore, prevention is essential.
Serous otitis mediamay be either acute or chronic
Middle ear isnormally air-filled