Can Money Buy Happiness? (Essay Sample)

Can money buy happiness?

It is not about money, it is about their quantity. One people claim that financial status doesn’t play a significant role for happiness; others say that people that claim this are liars. Money is the question that excites the mind of every single person (even of the children). But the interesting thing is that having heard this world people start to get different pictures in their heads. Pure people think about the problems caused by the lack of chips, and the imagination of wealthy people draws new possibilities and pleasure. Does it mean something?

According to the statistic, reach people are more satisfied with their job, have more positive relations with friends and stronger family connection. It is also true that residents of developed countries live longer than nations where poverty reigns. It is hard to say that human can be happy in such conditions, when parents cannot supply their children with enough healthy food for normal growth and development, enough cloth to change so that they need to wear old and dirty one, die from even slightest disease because of missing medicine and lack of immunity. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy means for it.

Money is a significant power but still not omnipotent. There are situations when you would like to pay any treasure in the world to bring died person to live, change the destiny, retrieve the youth, get the love of some person or avoid the death but the only thing you can do is to accept the situation because no money can help. There are cases when people strain to become reach to get freedom from the work and become depended on their wealth. The more funds we have, the stronger is the fear to lose it. The fortune is a mighty force, but if you are not able to control it, it becomes destructive.

Everybody has his own price of happiness. Hundred dollar bill has a great value for a beggar while a millionaire can even do not notice its missing or appearance in the budget. We all have different ideas of happiness that are continually changing. Our demands are only growing with time – the more we have, the more we want. Money can bring joy for some moments, but the satisfaction as a state requires a tremendous internal work.

Answering the question “Does money bring happiness?”, it should be noticed that it does when it is considered not as a goal by itself but as a mean to implement the dreams and ideas. Wealth comes to people that are good in tasting and enjoying the life and perceive them as a blessing, but not a devil. We buy benefits, use, goods that are able to bring us the desired state of happiness. The relationship between the financial situation and the feeling of happiness is quite difficult, but their connection can’t be discarded, as well as putting material prosperity above all. It is important to determine your real needs, desires, and values. Only in the complex money can help to reach the harmony in the life.

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