Characteristics Of Epithelia Include All Of The Following Except

Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 4

The tissue that always has an apical surface is __________.epithelial tissue
Which instrument is essential to the study of histology?microscope
Which of these is not one of the four recognized tissue types?nasal tissue
Which one of the following is not one of the four main tissue categories?osseous tissue
Many types of epithelial cells perform the function of __________.secretion
The __________ stops materials from moving between cells across an epithelium.occluding junction
Epithelial cells with important transport functions such as absorption and secretion often bear __________ on their free surfaces.microvilli
The tissue that always has a “top” and a “bottom” isepithelial tissue.
Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them forsecretion
Functions of epithelia include all of the following, exceptsupporting muscle cells.
Epithelial cells that are adapted for absorption or secretion usually have ________ at their free surface.microvilli
Dead skin cells are shed in thin sheets because they are held together by “spots” of proteoglycan reinforced by intermediate filaments. Such strong intercellular connections are calleddesmosomes
A type of intercellular junction that stops materials from crossing an epithelium between cells is termed a(n)occluding junction.
Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue bya basal lamina.
Which of the following statements about simple epithelia is false?They cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.
Germinative cellsdivide continually to produce new epithelial cells.
Cells that are specialized for secretionexhibit polarity.
Characteristics of epithelia includeavascularity

*all of the above*

Epithelia specialized for providing sensations of smell, taste, sight, equilibrium, and hearing are known asneuroepithelia.
In stratified epithelia adapted to resist mechanical forces, which of the following types of cell-to-cell junctions are especially abundant?desmosomes
Close examination of an organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells. The layers do not contain any blood vessels and one surface of the cells is open to the internal cavity of the organ. This tissue is probablyepithelium
Simple squamous epithelium is found __________.lining blood vessels
The urinary bladder is lined by __________.transitional epithelium
The most common cell type in dense regular connective tissue is the __________.fibroblast
An epithelium whose cells are taller than they are wide is known as a __________ epithelium.columnar
The basic shapes of epithelial cells include all of the following, exceptoval
Mesothelium is to the body cavities as endothelium is to theheart and blood vessels.
The epithelia that line body cavities and blood vessels are classified assimple squamous.
A type of epithelium found where absorption or secretion takes place is ________ epithelium.simple columnar
pseudostratified columnar
simple squamous
simple cuboidal

*any of the above *

Simple cuboidal epithelium is foundforming the kidney tubules.
Simple columnar epithelia are foundlining the stomach.
Transitional epithelium is foundlining the urinary bladder.
The heart and blood vessels are lined bysimple squamous epithelium.
You would find pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining thetrachea
Glands that secrete hormones into the interstitial fluid areendocrine glands.
Which of the following is a type of secretion in which some cytoplasm is lost with the product?apocrine
Watery perspiration is an example of a(n) ________ secretion.merocrine
The pancreas produces ________ secretions.exocrine and endocrine